Disclaimer - General Disclaimer

Cat Faeries products including but not limited to Convivial House Cat, Flower Essences for Cats, Feliway, Anti Icky Poo, are not intended to replace or conflict with medical care.

We do not give medical advice other than urge you to seek the advice of your veterinarian. Calling your veterinarian should always be the first thing you do if you suspect a problem. It is irresponsible to expect an online retail business to be a replacement for your veterinarian.

Most cat urine spraying is caused by behavior or emotional problems. Something is bothering the cat, its that simple. The products which we have carefully selected are very effective in controlling or eliminating problems, particularly the problems of cats who have stopped using their litter boxes.

However, inappropriate urination can also be caused by medical conditions. A few examples are urinary tract infections, diabetes, hyper thyroid, renal failure, arthritis, stiffness or other health problems.

Please contact your veterinarian if you suspect any health problems. Keep in mind; cats are good at masking health problems.