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We are happy to get an email from you! We love to hear from nice folks, so a friendly approach goes far with us! We will not reply to hostile, rude, or vulgar emails. We cannot respond to emails which are full of typos, bad grammar, vague sentences, or strange abbreviations.

Paragraphs! You must use paragraphs to separate thoughts and ideas! If you send a long mass of text we can't/won't read it and we'll send it back for you to edit and break down in to readable paragraphs..

Before you write be sure that you've read about our products and read our FAQ pages. The answers to most questions can be found there including "Learn More" which is the green box at the top right of every page.

Attention gmail users! As you know gmail thinks it knows what messages you should or should not see and are notorious for tossing messages, messages you really want (like from Cat Faeries) into the Spam folder. If we need to communicate with you and you didn't see our email, and if you didn't provide a phone number there's not much that we can do.

We DO NOT give medical advice.

Phone calls: If we took calls we'd never get our work done! If you need to speak with us we can consider a phone appointment. It would be a real appointment with the date and time arranged in advance. We call you at the appointed time, and we call once. Calls are limited to 10 minutes.

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