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A Community of Survivors

A vibrational mist for the heart and aura based in organic Bulgarian rose water mist. For both people and animals! To help a survivor of trauma for any species to heal, to flourish, and to reclaim their life and move on.

During Cat Faeries nearly 30 years in service to cats I heard from countless people who told stories of abuse or trauma that their cat or another animal suffered. Often in those conversation the person would hint or come right out and say it that they too were a survivor of trauma, assault, neglect, abuse, or some other heinous form of harm. Often, they would, half-joking, ask if Past Abuse or Calm and Serene would be right for them too! Of course, they are suitable and ok for people, but I wanted something even better. Something more far reaching. Iíve never forgotten those stories or the people who told them and in the Spring of 2018 I accidently stumbled upon a community of survivors who had not only survived an ordeal but who were thriving and basking in re-growth.

In April 2018 after the October 2017 wildfires in Sonoma County which burnt thousands of acres, destroyed homes, businesses, killed people and countless animal companions and many species of wildlife I wanted to visit a special forest which I knew burnt and which has always been dear sacred place to me. I wanted to see the destruction and offer condolences to the land and its inhabitants. Shortly after entering this forest I realized that every animal, plant, tree, bird, insect, and even a few garter snakes that crossed my path had one thing in common Ė they survived. Not only did they survive, but in the case of the wild flowers, they were far more abundant than seen before. Naturalists are seeing species that had not been seen in over 100 years! The entire area is so ALIVE!

Flourishing were burnt trees showing off new growth on the tops and tips. Everywhere were many favorite wildflowers such as Popcorn Flower, Fiddlenecks, Woodland Stars, Poppy, White Baby Blue Eyes (this is a subspecies of blue Baby Blue Eyes), Pineapple Weed (a cousin of Chamomile) Purple Sanicle, Buttercups, Peas, Vetch, Lupine in various sizes, Owlís Clover, Sun Cups, Oak trees, Acorns, Old Manís Beard, Milk Thistle, various Thistles. I saw native birds and migrating birds. The butterflies were doing what butterflies do. Bees were pollinating. Garter snake was having a midday sunbath. The trees stood tall and proud to show off their scorches and new offspring!

Working with the energies of every thriving resident of this forest a new essence was born. Calling this special creation ďa flower essenceĒ isnít exactly accurate because every tree, mushroom, animal, insect, rock and the flowers called out and said ďMe Too! Me Too! I Want To Help Other Survivors!Ē A Community of Survivors helps to open up the possibility that youíll be even better than before and in ways never imagined in the past. This mist is your ally for rising from the ashes, getting yourself back with the possibility of being someone with new vibrancy.

Your Mister Bottle Contains: Pink Organic Bulgarian rose water. White Organic Bulgarian rose water. Three tiny crystals (packing slip will tell you which). The imprint of the survivors and flourishers of this special forest in Sonoma County, California. Our rose water is reverently made from the petals of pink and white roses. Every rose has its own unique vibration as well as its own unique scent. The 13 colors of the frequencies of the They 7 Rays were shown on the water and each bottle. Tuning forks with the resonance of Quartz crystals were used to amplify this essence.

Roses and rose water are safe for cats and other animals.

Three sizes: 1 fl. oz. 2 fl. oz. 8 fl. oz refill bottle

Usage instructions for all species (from human to cat to other animals and life forms) come with your order.

Packing slip lists the 3 crystals in your bottle. They range from Amethyst to Tourmaline with many others in between!

You may have been scorched but you survived!

A Community of Survivors
1 oz. heart and aura spray

1 fl. oz.
Alcohol Free! Bottled in organic pink and white Rose Water.


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For any person and any animal who has been through trauma or disaster who are in need of help to climb out of the quagmire of despair to bloom and flourish again. Organic Bulgarian red rose, and organic Bulgarian white rose water imprinted with the vibration of the forest we just told you about to become a powerful transformative essence. This heart and aura mist is ideal to open up up the possibility that you'll not only recover but that maybe youíll be even better in ways never before imagined. This formula will be youíre ally for rising from the ashes and for gaining yourself back. There is potential to become someone new with new vibrancy full of vibrant life! Red roses and white roses each have their own subtle scent and when mixed together the aroma is intoxicating and heart opening.

Also contains 3 tiny crystals to elevate the experience! Available in two sizes: 1 fl oz and 2 fl oz, as well as a big 8 fl oz refill botlle.

Clifford says:
A customer who we'll call RQ wrote to us to say: " This spray is not only a beautiful concept; it is a very real comfort. As a CSA survivor (child of sexual assault) I have found this spray to be a great tool in my healing. I am currently still fighting my abuser in court, and I have taken the spray with me to court dates. I can't even describe what an immense help it has been. Just knowing it's there in my purse gives me peace of mind. I am extremely grateful to be using this! It's so easy to tell the amount of time and care that went into creating this lovely product. I definitely recommend it.""

A Community of Survivors
2 oz. heart and aura spray

2 fl. oz.
Alcohol Free! Bottled in organic Rose Water.


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A bigger bottle for a person and animal struggling after a trauma or series of traumas. The same mix of red and white organic Bulgarian rose water imprinted with the community vibration of the surviving and flourishing residents of a forest in Sonoma County who are beautifully recovering from a devastating fire. Like these survivors you too can move on.

Also contains 3 tiny crystals to elevate the experience! Available in two sizes: 1 fl oz and 2 fl oz, as well as a big 8 fl oz refill botlle.

Miles says:
A customer of ours has this fascinating account to share! "Actually I had a very interesting experience with Community of Survivors! When it arrived we were dealing with a 15 yr old kitty who had abruptly been refusing to eat for nearly a week. No apparent reason. We had resorted to syringe feeding (which she despised) because there was nothing wrong with her, except she wouldn't eat. And we were trying everything and anything to tempt her. Excellent blood work, a bunch of other tests came back showing nothing wrong, vet was stumped, said "We have a perfectly healthy cat here who won't eat!" She had lost so much weight we knew it was a matter of days before we either had to make a decision or she would simply starve to death. I had just opened the bottle and sprayed a crystal that she helped me pick out specifically for her and she was immediately quite interested in the spray, so I went even further, rubbing her, programming the crystal, the usual protocols. She had watery diarrhea that night and again the next morning, but began to eat some that morning. Since then her appetite has returned to normal, as well as her stool. She now looks for me to bring in the bottle for her "treatment". I think that says it all!" Karen, pilot, horse trainer, and cat-mom extraordinaire

A Community of Survivors
8 oz. refill bottle, no sprayer

Priced to give you one free ounce!


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A refill bottle so that you don't run low on or run out of A Community of Survivors in your smaller mister bottle. This precious water is helping countless people, cats and other animals move forward leaving trauma and abuse behind.

Madeline says:
"I'm a thrifty kitty so I insisted on a refill bottle with one free ounce! As a cat who was assaulted in the past I didn't want you to run out of this miracle water!"


Community Crystals


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Community Crystals are a highly recommended add-on. You'll receive a pouch of crystals especially suited to accompany this mist. We'd love it if when you order that you use COMMENTS to provide a few words to describe the trauma or situation so that we can select specific crystals. We do this with the utmost reverence, love, compassion, and confidentiality. But if you don't wish to divulge anything we'll select crystals especially suited for the purpose of trauma recovery. Youíll get a personalized handout that will tell you the name of the crystal(s) and what the benefits are. Youíll also more of our crystal handouts which include how to cleanse, energize and program them so that they can give you the most benefit and assistance.

Daphne says:
"We will select crystals just for YOU! We'll also type up a handout explaining the benefits of YOUR crystals! We love the personal touch and hope you do too!"

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