What’s gray-blue and stinking cute? DAPHNE! Our newest family member.

If you read our newsletter regularly you’ll recall that our 18 year old Torti lost her brave battle and crossed The Rainbow Bridge early July. A month later we adopted a lovely tortoiseshell named Coco. But it turned out that Coco missed her foster mom as much as the foster mommie missed her. So, as believers in stories with happy endings and true love, we reunited Coco and Michele, and they are living happily ever after.

A few weeks later we met Daphne at San Francisco Animal Care and Control and knew she was the cat for us. She’s stunning blue gray cat with features like both a Russian Blue and a Chartruex. She has a tiny meow, that built in Chartreux smile, dense plushy fur, and bright green eyes. And the longest legs we’ve ever seen on a cat – we call them her Eiffel Tower Legs!

Daphne took to her new home right away. She had no interest in hiding out in a closet, at all! Within hours of arriving she found all of Betty’s old favorite spots and claimed than as hers.

There has been very little hissing between Daphne and Madeline thanks to Comfort Zone For Cats with Feliway! We have two diffusers running in every room and we spray prominent objects in the house daily for a smooth transition and that “Hi, I like you” vibe! They also get Multi Cat Household flower essence in the water bowl. They aren’t buddies, yet, but we know that in time they will be, and that they will rule Cat Faeries side by side.

Unbeknownst to anyone Daphne carries the Calicivirus. Five days after Daphne arrived at our house she broke out with the classic fiery red and angry looking oowie on her nose, and she had one lesion on her gum. Our house call vet, Dr. Brian Van Horn, raced over and swabbed her eyes, nose and mouth to test her for all the usual nasty things a cat could get. It was confirmed: calicivirus.

Instinctively we knew that she needed Colloidal Defense, and this was supported by our holistic vet, Dr. Cheryl Schwartz. One dropper of Colloidal Defense mixed into her food, twice a day, kicked the virus to the curb in about two and a half days! That scary looking red thing on her nose started to clear and heal immediately.

We’d been talking about adding this wonderful product to Cat Faeries offerings for several years, and with Daphne’s success story with it we sprang into action, and it’s now on our website.

Madeline has obviously been exposed to the calicivirus so Colloidal Defense will be a forever supplement for both cats.

Welcome Daphne!

Here I am! I see birds! Lot’s of pretty birds!

That’s me, Daphne, relaxing after a long, hard day of work at Cat Faeries. What’s my job? Ambassador of Cute!

Here’s Madeline inspecting fresh willow branches fresh from the farmer’s market. We give them to our bunnies to chew on.

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