Homeopet homeopathic remedies for your cat. Match up your cat’s symptoms with the formulas.

We really love the Homeopet natural line of remedies and have been fans for many years. The founder of Homeopet is a doctor and researcher and he’s put decades of knowledge gathering and keen attention to detail into these products. Everything is of the highest quality, no scrimping because the products are for animals like we may find in the products of other companies. And you know how we are at Cat Faeries – total fuss budgets when it comes to quality!

The chart below will allow you to match up your cat’s symptoms to the correct remedy.

In some cases you might want to use two remedies. Why? Well, because one of them might unlock the cause but not cure. The other will work with the first remedy to cure. Here are some examples:

Skin & Itch and Skin & Seborrhea

You would alternate doses. So, every 2nd dose –switch. You would dose 3 times a day. In the AM, around lunchtime, and then again in the PM.

Skin & Itch and Skin & Seborrhea PLUS Cleanz – Detox

The addition of Cleanz Detox will remove the toxins which could be the cause of the skin problems.

You would follow the same dosing pattern as above BUT with each dose wait 30 minutes and give a dose of Cleanz Detox.

A combination we are particularly fond of is:

Cleanz Detox and Digestive Upsets

You would dose in the same manner we explained for Skin & Itch and Skin & Seborrhea.

We also like Joint Stress and Cleanz – Detox in combination with each other as older cats have painful joints and years of toxin build up.

You would dose in the same manner we explained for Skin & Itch and Skin & Seborrhea

Behavior • Anxiety • Stress

Your Pet’s Symptoms

Possible Causes

Suggested Remedy

  • Barking, whining, howling, yelping, crying
  • Pacing, panting, restlessness
  • Hiding under table, in bathroom, behind couch
  • Cowering, trembling, shaking
  • Drooling, vomiting, pooping
  • Destructive behavior
  • Bolts, runs away
  • Home alone/Separation
  • Boarding/Kenneling
  • Vet/Groomer visits
  • New arrivals to home
  • Strangers/Visitors

Anxiety Relief
(liquid drops)

  • Storms (thunder, lightning, wind, heavy thunderous rain, tornados)
  • Change in barometric pressure
  • Fireworks, firecrackers
  • Loud noise/traffic noise/airplanes flying by
  • Gunshots, bangs, explosions

Anxiety TFLN

(Liquid drops)

  • Fear of car and will not get in
  • Car motion, travel sickness
  • Vomiting, drooling, cowering
  • Cries, barks, whines
  • Restless in car, panting and pacing
  • Car trips
  • Boat trips
  • Train trips
  • Airplanes/Flying

Travel Anxiety
(Liquid drops)

Upper Respiratory

Your Pet’s Symptoms

Possible Causes

Suggested Remedy

  • Sneezing, runny nose, congestion
  • Watery or runny eyes
  • When they breathe, you can hear it
  • Runny nose and eyes
  • Sinus infection
  • Cat or dog flu
  • Allergies
  • Colds

Nose Relief
(Liquid drops)

  • Dry cough, wet cough, barky cough
  • Wheezy cough
  • Hoarse
  • Kennel cough
  • Bronchitis
  • All coughs

(Liquid drops)

Recovery • Health • Healing

Your Pet’s Symptoms

Possible Causes

Suggested Remedy

  • Recovery from injury
  • Wounds, cuts, bleeding, scratches
  • Post surgery
  • Sprains, bruising, breaks
  • Tail injury
  • Accidents and road traffic accidents
  • Surgery
  • Accidents and traffic accidents
  • Recovery
  • Fighting

First Aid
(Liquid drops)

  • Infection
  • Swelling, pain and shock from injury
  • Wounds that won’t heal, non-responsive wounds
  • Promotes rapid healing in wounds, cuts, bites and burns
  • Surgery
  • Accidents and traffic accidents
  • Cuts and wounds
  • Bites
  • Burns
  • Scratches

HP Healing Cream

Cleans the system of all the toxins the body has accumulated over the years. These toxins come from a variety of areas: spot on treatments, yard sprays, house sprays, air fresheners, wormers, shampoos and preservatives in foods are just some of the areas. The toxins build up in the system and decrease liver and kidney functions which results in the pet looking and acting less healthy.  Also purges radiation.

Cleanz – Detox
(Liquid drops)

Senior Cats and other animals

Your Pet’s Symptoms

Possible Causes

Suggested Remedy

  • Lameness, stiffness, difficulty rising or climbing stairs
  • Limping or holding foot up
  • Hip, joint and back pain
  • Weak hind legs
  • Pain with movement
  • Arthritis
  • Hip displasia
  • Older pets
  • Previous injury

Joint Relief
(Liquid drops)

  • Leaking during sleep/constantly dribbles
  • Puddles or urine stains on carpet
  • Urinary incontinence (old age or fear based)
  • Spayed females/neutered males

Leaks No More
(Liquid drops)

  • Stomach upset, vomiting
  • Cats that throw up 20 minutes after eating
  • Gas, doggie farts and flatulence
  • Diarrhea, loose stool
  • Constipation
  • Bad, smelly or sour breath
  • Colic bloating
  • Constipation
  • Poor digestion
  • IBD
  • Older pets
  • Overindulgence
  • Food allergies

Digestive Upsets
(Liquid drops)

Skin and Coat Allergies

Your Pet’s Symptoms

Possible Causes

Suggested Remedy

  • Constantly scratches
  • Biting, licking, chewing, gnawing
  • Skin irritation and/or eruptions
  • Hair loss
  • Skin allergies
  • Seasonal allergies

Skin & Itch
(Liquid drops)

  • Smelly ears with wax buildup, ears smell like stale cheese.
  • Ear infections
  • Oily, greasy coat, bad, poor dull coat
  • Dandruff, dander, flaky coat
  • Dogs stinks despite regular shampooing and grooming with different medicated shampoos
  • Airborne allergies and seasonal allergies
  • Chronic skin conditions

Skin & Seborrhea
(Liquid drops)

  • Nasty, red, oozing spot
  • Wound-like spot with no hair/dry, scaly skin
  • Bald spot/s
  • Licks and chews at same spot
  • Local allergies

Hot Spots
(Liquid drops)

  • Flea bites normally found in areas fleas congregate: base of tail, head, inside of legs
  • Scabs, sores, chewing hair off, skin discoloration
  • Chewing, licking, itching, scratching
  • Hive-like red spots
  • Bug bites, including fleas
  • Flea allergic dermatitis

Bug Bites
(Liquid drops)

Anti Icky Poo – keeps your drains flowing smoothly

Anti Icky Poo’s friendly bacteria and enzymes love to gobble up grease and organic “crud” in your drains as much as they like dining on cat urine. Here’s how to keep your drains happily flowing using a natural product that’s safe for you and our environment.

Prevention: Once a month pour 1/4 – 1/2 cup of Anti Icky Poo down each drain. AIP will happily clear out grease and soap scum.

Slow running drain: Start with 1/2 cup. After a few hours run some water to clear away remaining waste. You may need to do several applications.

Completely backed up drain: Anti Icky Poo probably won’t work 100% as it can’t eat through hair, but depending on what’s down there, it’s worth trying 1/2 cup before calling the plumber.

Fire-retardant chemicals in our homes could be killing our cats, and us!

Cat Faeries has been following the story of Midnight the cat for months.  We are on Arlene Blum’s email list. This article was in the Los Angeles Times, Friday, October 17, 2008.  Arlene’s website has additional information – for example, how to find out if your furniture and bed are toxic.

Did the state kill my cat?

Fire-retardant chemicals required by California in furniture may be poisoning us.
By Arlene Blum PhD


From the Los Angeles Times Opinion  October 17, 2008

My beloved cat, Midnight, died a few days ago — possibly because of toxic chemicals in my furniture. In two years with hyperthyroid disease, Midnight went from a plump 14 pounds to a skeletal five. A year ago, a veterinary epidemiologist found that Midnight’s blood contained among the highest levels of  toxic PBDEs documented in animal research. That’s when I learned that the chemicals in my cat came from my couch. And that my furniture is uniquely toxic because I live in California.

Since the 1980s, fire-retardant chemicals such as PBDEs have been added to furniture to meet a California-only requirement that the foam inside resist a 12-second exposure to an open flame. The chemicals evaporate from the foam, settle in dust and coat walls with a thin film. Cats that groom themselves and toddlers who crawl in dust show especially high levels of PBDEs, but everyone with this chemically treated furniture gets some exposure.

In dozens of animal studies, these fire retardants also have been shown to harm reproduction and scramble brain development. Studies are underway to determine if PBDEs are contributing to increases in autism, hyperactivity, birth defects, infertility, diabetes and obesity in people.

On average, dust in California homes contains 10 times the PBDEs found in dust from other states and 200 times the amount in houses in Europe, according to a new study from the Silent Spring Institute. Worse, Californians have twice the level of this fire retardant in their blood as do people in other states. A recent research report by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group showed that American toddlers have, on average, a level of fire retardant in their bodies that is three times higher than that found in their mothers.

Every evening for the last year, I put a needle into Midnight’s scruff to give her fluids to keep her alive. As I watched the slow drip of the liquid, I wondered whether the PBDEs in my cat caused her disease. The fire retardant is known to cause thyroid problems in rats, mice, kestrels and frogs. The EPA suspected a link after its 2007 study of cats found substantially higher levels of PBDEs in the ones with hyperthyroidism. In 1980, when PBDEs were first added to furniture, hyperthyroid disease in cats hardly existed, according to my veterinarian. Now it is an epidemic in California.

Were Midnight and my family safer from fires because of the toxic chemicals in our couch? Probably not. Furniture fabric in California is not required to be fire resistant. In a fire, fabric burns long enough to ignite even treated foam.

Happily, the death rate from house fires has gone down considerably in California since 1980. But it’s dropped a similar amount or more in states that don’t require retardants in their furniture. A decrease in smoking, more smoke detectors and better enforcement of fire safety standards are credited with this large decrease in fire deaths.

San Francisco Democratic Assemblyman Mark Leno’s AB 706, a bill that sought to remove toxic fire retardants from California furniture and maintain fire safety, was just voted down by the state Senate. Manufacturers of fire retardants — Chemtura Corp., Albemarle Corp. and Israel Chemicals Ltd. — spent millions on lobbying to stop it.

Instead, more Californians may soon be sleeping in a cocoon of chemicals. Technical Bulletin 604, a proposed state regulation requiring comforters, mattress pads and pillows to resist an open flame, is expected to be enacted soon by the California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation. Yet the state has not asked for any information on the health or environmental effects of the chemicals likely to be used.

As I stroked Midnight before she died, I thought about the canary in the coal mine warning of lethal gases. Perhaps the story of Midnight’s death can help protect us all from unneeded toxic fire retardants in our homes.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has the authority and responsibility to protect our health. He should instruct the bureau to stop California from being the only state requiring flame-retardant bed coverings, pillows and furniture. It’s too late for Midnight, but hopefully our governor will withstand chemical industry pressure and act to protect our cats and our children from unneeded toxic chemicals in our homes.

Arlene Blum PhD is executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute and a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Department of Chemistry

Arlene Blum, PhD
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