Why you need a Purrsonal Assistant on standby!

No one expects to get sick or injured. And when it happens often we cannot do more than stay in bed until it passes. But we have our daily obligations, in particular we are obligated to care for our cats, and perhaps other animals.

But who will help you with your daily obligations, like feeding the cats and scooping litter boxes when you can barely get out of bed? Who will help you get the medication for yourself from the drug store, or supplements from the health food store? Who will cook for you? Who will do those little things or errands while you are sick or recovering?

If there are no family members close by or you can’t ask or trust neighbors you need a “personal assistant” or a “personal concierge.”

In the past few years people who are burnt out on soul sucking corporate America have gotten creative about making an income, and they have become personal assistants who you can call upon when you need help.

Generally they charge by the hour. These resourceful folks will do the stuff you are not able to do.

Even if your not sick, but you are super swamped and crazy busy, they can pitch in and run errands, tend to your animals, keep food in the fridge, and so much more.

Before you get sick, or before you need to leave for a trip, start looking for professional cat sitters or/and professional personal assistants. Find out their rates. Find out what they are willing to do, as well as what they are not willing to do. You’ll find a person who’s just right for you and your needs.

Do the research now so that the next time you are sick in bed and cannot tend to your cats or yourself, help is just a phone call away.