10 Tips For Spring Cleaning with Anti Icky Poo

It’s time for Spring Cleaning. And, Cat Faeries and Anti Icky Poo want to help you, and make it easier! The wildly popular Anti Icky Poo isn’t just for cleaning up kitty accidents. AIP’s special enzymes and friendly bacteria also clean up any and every organic mess. As the label says, it “will digest any malodorous decay.” (Your brother-in-law doesn’t count.)

Here are some unique and different tips from Cat Faeries on how to use Anti Icky Poo products – you may be surprised! (Remember, test fine fabrics for colorfastness or know that they are water safe before using Anti Icky Poo.)

  1. If you dare… take a close look at your hand powered can opener. There may be that persistent build up of crud on the blades and gears that seems to resist repeated trips through the dishwasher. Unscented AIP (Anti Icky Poo) to the rescue! Give it a heavy spraying of Unscented AIP and let it sit over night while the enzymes do their thing. Now the crud should be much easier to wash off. If some still resists, try another application and use a toothpick or brush to loosen the persistent icky bits.
  2. Recently we discovered how some yucky sticky stuff had accumulated on the rubber seal on our front loading washing machine. And how much sticky lint like stuff had migrated underneath the seal. Rated H for Horrifying!Here’s what we did and you can too. Use a flash light so you can really see where the crud is. Spray Unscented AIP under the fold of the seal and on the part of the rubber seal that’s exposed. Scrub a bit, then apply more Anti Icky Poo and let it stay wet. Keep the door open so air circulates. Repeat the spraying two or three more times during the course of half a day. Do one final spraying and use a rag to remove any crud that AIP did not eat, then wipe dry. Leave the door open for a while to air out.
  3. Give cat boxes a nice soak to remove odors from the box itself. Dump the old litter. Wash the litter box with hot water and dish soap, and then pat dry. Add one quarter to one half cup of AIP and about three inches of warm water. Let soak for 30 minutes. Rinse, dry, and add fresh litter. Your cat is thanking you already.
  4. Smokers can use unscented Anti Icky Poo on their clothes to get rid of that persistent smoke smell – works so well it will fool people into thinking the smoker quit a long time ago.
  5. How many times did you pass on a garage sale treasure because it was covered in yellow/brown tar & nicotine from cigarettes? No need to pass up that fabulous find when you’ve got Anti Icky Poo at home to melt years of ick away.
  6. Refrigerator drawers or shelves can be really hard to clean if you’ve accidentally created a “science project.” You may be afraid to tackle it but the enzymes in Unscented Anti Icky Poo are happy to. Put the science project in the compost. Take the drawer or shelf out, do an AIP spray, let it sit for a while, then clean and put back in the fridge.
  7. One quarter to one half cup of Anti Icky Poo down your drains every week will keep the flow flowing. The enzymes love to eat up soap scum and grease. They can’t eat hair but if you keep drains free of the sticky stuff that bonds the hair into a mess, then it will more easily just flow down the drain.
  8. Here’s a trick that professional carpet cleaners use:
    You know how some fabrics “wick” away moisture from your body (think of your best workout wear wicking away perspiration). This tip can actually wick cat urine or other fluid “up” and “out” of fabric/carpet. Saturate a stain with Anti Icky Poo, then apply some AIP Stain Remover
    over that. Now, put a white cotton rag or two on top of it. And on top of the rag place a heavy object. The cloth with the weight on top of it will cause the stain material to wick upward and into the rag. Sounds like a magic trick! Abra cadabra!
  9. If you have a cloth covered recliner like we do, you know that hair oils can build up on the headrest. Over time, that can get kind of “odiferous” (smelly). And if you can’t remove the headrest for a wash, how do you clean it? We used Anti Icky Poo and it worked! Two cycles of spray applications and the odor disappeared.
  10. We’ve saved the best story for last. Recently one of our little old lady cats had some diarrhea and she of course decided to deposit it in the worst place – on an upholstered foot rest. It was the consistency of pudding and we couldn’t get all of it off. The rest was becoming one with the fabric and penetrating fast! Absolutely horrifying and we were in a huge panic! We grabbed a quart of Anti Icky Poo Unscented and misted heavily several times over the course of two hours. Then we got busy packing your orders and frankly, forgot about it. A few days later we discovered that every trace of cat poop was GONE! The AIP had eaten, yes, eaten every particle of the poopy smoosh and its smell! And with zero harm to the fabric. For “Justin Case” we misted a few more times to make sure it was truly gone! We still cannot stop talking about this miracle!

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