Our Customer’s CATtoos!(A tattoo of a cat or cats.)

A few weeks ago a very delightful-customer named Paula sent us a photo of her first tattoo, a CATtoo. She and her daughter wanted to do something fun and memorable before the girl went off to college and they thought getting tattoo’s would be perfect! Paula designed a cat motif, or a CATtoo. We featured it in our newsletter and asked if anyone else would like to show theirs off to send us photos and a story if there was one. Here they are – inky and loving Valentine’s Day ways to honor the cats in their lives!


From Lori: “This was the love of my life Turtle, (Turtle-Hendrix full name lol). He suddenly passed from a tumor in his trachea and couldn’t breathe. They told me for 4 months that it was asthma, after being on inhalers and nothing working I went to another vet who informed me it was cancer and 4 days later had to be put down at age 14. I had just taken in 3 semi feral girls and they all loved him soooooooooooo much. So I got his actual body on my arm, where he would always snuggle beside me so we can be inseparable. My ex bf the tattoo artist traced his body from a photo and he is now on my arm forever. Later on I added the turtle above since his name was Turtle and I have a Turtle “Miss Pickles”


From Donna: “Hi. Over the years I have had the pleasure of being a mommy to many kitties. Seven, Jane, Melody, Mr. Furryman, Tomcat who have all gone over the rainbow bridge and Jerry (Toms Brother), Albert James, Jimmy and Cosmo who are still with me. Cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one… just like tattoos. Here are a few of mine. The slinky cat on my leg is in memory of a friend who passed. The bracelet is for they way the walk all over me.. And my whiskers are just too cute. I also have pawprints within a piece on my back. Love my CATATTOS.”


From Karen: “A heart, my cat, an angel, a forget-me-not flower with a quarter moon.”


From Karen: “My name is Lynne. Getting a catTAT was my “mid life crisis” . At 49 yrs of age, I decided to get my first tattoo. Since I consider myself one of many “crazy cat ladies” getting a cat tat seemed a logical choice. After getting the tat, I wondered how well it would heal. I have Late Stage Lyme Disease + multiple other pathogens (MSIDS / multi systemic immune deficiency syndrome) from a nasty tick bite, which seriously damages the immune system. Everything healed great! I love cats & love my catTAT, aka catToo.”


From Sam


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