Meet Cat Faeries new CFO – Chief Feline Officer!

After our beloved Betty crossed The Rainbow Bridge a year ago we weren’t sure if or when we’d get another cat. But one look at a cat on the website of a shelter that we donate to – the Siskiyou Humane Society – we were smitten kittens over a cat they called Spice.

Spice had been at the shelter for a year. Because she’s a special needs kitty she was not being adopted. Her background is like that of so many cats, she’d been abused. She was kicked in the ear and head by a miserable excuse for human being, which left her deaf in that ear and with some blindness in one eye. Her ear requires cleaning and drops.

Our home is now her new forever home and she’s Cat Faeries new CFO – Chief Feline Officer. She’s 3 years old, short haired, and mostly gray with white shoes, bib, and tummy. She has lovely green eyes and is a very sweet girl. Spice doesn’t meow – she cheeps, peeps and squeaks! Spice and our Three Little Olde Ladies (Tasha, Spookie and Tortie) are still getting to know each other – so far they’ve been getting along very well.

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