How to safely travel in a car with your cat – crash test dummy videos will reveal the dangers

This is an Encore Article from our blog and newsletter! How to safely transport your cat in the car. New videos!

We posted this warning and a video 5 years ago. Recently we found more videos of crash tests with stuffed animals in various harnesses and carriers.

It’s Summer and we are in cars and going places more than usual. And sometimes we are transporting our cats. Think that buckling your cat’s carrier handle with your seat belt is safe? We did until we researched it many years ago. The best place for your cat’s carrier is on the floor of the back seat, behind the passenger side with just enough space between the front seat and the back seat so that the carrier is snuggly tucked in place. If there’s a collision the carrier won’t go flying.

Here are videos of crash test dummies – very very scary and everything you thought you knew about safety for cats and dogs in cars will literally fly out the window!

How plastic and cloth carriers and harnesses do in crash tests from Subaru America and The Center for Pet Safety

You can see the individual test videos for the carriers, crates, and harnesses from the above tests here.

Most dog harnesses fail miserably in these crash tests from Australia – worth watching even you have cats.

This video is in German but you don’t need to understand it to see what happens in crash tests, the visuals say it all.

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