Clipping your cat’s nails

Its easy! With a bit of practice after a lesson with your vet or a tech at your vet’s office you’ll be a pro!

Number one reason to trim nails – so that they don’t grow uncontrolled and curve under and into the cat’s foot. OUCH!

Feliway spray can “somewhat’ deter a cat from scratching at your furniture. But its not perfect and you need to apply it daily.

But if you trim your cat’s nails every 10 or 12 days they will be short, and if your cat does scratch at a sofa not much damage, if any, will occur.

You can find nice clippers in shops or you can use a good quality human toe nail clipper.

We suggest you sit someplace comfortable for you with good lighting – that could be the bathroom, on the toilet seat which you put down. Clip as many nails in one sitting as the cat will allow.

Some cats are comfortable if you softly drape a towel over their head. Other cats are comfortable if you wrap them like a “burrito.” And yet other cats are comfortable being held free on your lap, sort of like a baby, on their back.

A cat is never too old to learn to get used to twice a month nail trims. Gentle handling, showering the cat with praise will really help. And of course treat yourself to something special in honor of a job well done after!

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