Catio of the Week – Linda’s

Recently we featured a story about cats and wildlife, and how building a CATio, an enclosed patio just for a cat, can allow your cat fresh air, sunshine, flowers, and their own little garden without hunting and killing birds or bothering other wildlife. A CATio would protect your cat from being harmed by owls, coyotes and other predators – like bad people. Everyone loved it!

Here’s another CATio to inspire your own creative outlook outlet for your cats! You’ve got all Winter to plan it, then have it built this Spring!

“What a great idea to share different designs! I love my catio! I did it after I found my cats had wandered out to the road on a couple of occasions. It keeps them safe from all the things that can harm kitties and keeps all the things that kitties can harm safe as well! I basically framed in my back porch, added a couple of screen doors and a pet door that fits in the sash window. The cats can go in and out as they please and I no longer worry about them.”



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