CATio of the Week – Jenny’s CATio

Recently we featured a story about cats and wildlife, and how building a CATio, an enclosed patio just for a cat, can allow your cat fresh air, sunshine, flowers, and their own little garden without hunting and killing birds or bothering other wildlife. A CATio would protect your cat from being harmed by owls, coyotes and other predators – like bad people. Everyone loved it!

This week we feature another great example of a CATio and the happy cats who get to hang out in them!

“Jenny in her catio.”

We love this CATio for a backyard that’s not very large. Notice the walkway from the window to the elevated outside enclosure so that the cat can come and go as she pleases. Jenny the cat is very happy to get nice breezes and be safely out of reach of other cats or other animals. Put a nice chair for yourself near the CATio and spend precious time with your cat outdoors!

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