A customer tells her astonishing Anti Icky Poo tale!

(Here’s an amazing story from a customer with yet another use for Anti Icky Poo and its enzyme cleaning power to eliminate odors.)

A couple of years ago we discovered that rats had infiltrated our fireplace around our firebox from outside. They weren’t in the house, and we got rid of them outside, but every time we had a fire there would be a terrible stench of rat urine that would last for days.

We’re remodeling now and the area is open around the fireplace but not accessible to clean because there isn’t enough space between the masonry and the metal firebox to get a brush or sponge in. We asked some cleaning companies and restoration experts and they had no idea what to do. We weren’t very happy about demolishing the masonry and replacing the firebox, that’s for sure!! Since it didn’t bother my husband as much he “tested” it recently and lit the first fire of the season — EWWWWW! I said, “PLEASE!! NO MORE FIRES until you can fix this.”

Just the other day I came home and he had a big smile on his face. He said, “I had a fire this afternoon. Can you tell?” WOW! No, I couldn’t tell at all. Turns out he streamed Anti Icky Poo onto the suspected areas of the firebox with a really good sprayer several days before and let it work its magic. By the time he lit the fire, there was no more rat smell. We’ve had several fires since then and the problem is solved!!

I will order some special treats for the four kitties we have (who are absolutely worthless with the rats, but tons of fun anyway).

Best regards,
Lisa N.

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