Cats in their Cat Faeries Faerie Cat Beds – cute photos! Yay!

Meet Bella and Callie (aka: Pudge) modeling their brand spankin’ new Faerie Cat Beds! These two beauties hail from Virginia where they live with their doting Mommie and musician Daddy.

Dear Cat Faerie,

Pudge (really Callie) loves her bed:

And I love mine, but now Macky Mac sometimes takes his afternoon nap in my bed. Daddy changes the linens (towel) so I don’t smell that stinky Macky Mac.

Happy New Year,

Love Bella

Here’s one of our Cat Faeries supermodels showing off our Faerie Cat Beds made in Northern California in a non-sweat shop setting. The beds are velveteen on the outside, and cozy fleece on the inside. There is no toxic foam anywhere in these beds. They are meant to be machine washed in cold water, and air dried. Trust us, if you follow these washing instructions they will last many many years!

Here’s the stylish Daphne showing the tan Cat Faeries Faerie Bed. (It’s also available in green.)

Cats Snuggle on Cat Heaven Island (and more pictures)

Here’s a cute picture of two cats snuggling on Cat Heaven Island (Tashiro-jima island in Japan). And more pictures too!

(Tashiro-jima is the Japanese fishing island where cats roam free and there are more cats than people. (We’ve posted pictures and links to more pictures before – and These pictures come from the blog of the blog of Fubirai, a photographer who has been documenting the cats of Tashiro-jima Island since 2007.)