Berkeley Has BANNED Declawing!

We are so proud to be Californians.  On the heels of West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and our beloved San Francisco, Berkeley has also banned declawing cats!   Next up – the city of Los Angeles will decide.

Then it’s the rest of the US.  Come on, you can do it!  Start calling your mayors and town/city officials.   Get the ball in motion in your community!

And when you do, tell us about it, and we’ll mention it in our blog and in our newsletter:

Wysong DOG Food Recall

The recall does not effect cat food, just dog food.  You can call Wysong at 800 748 0188.

The following is from the Wysong website:


-Notice, Explanation, and Response-


Higher than target moisture levels have been found in some bags of Wysong dry extruded dog foods manufactured in June, July and August of 2009. High moisture can result in premature spoilage and mold. No problems have been found or reported in any other Wysong food product. No laboratory tests on the recalled products have been positive for mycotoxins or food borne pathogens.

Nevertheless, the following foods should not be fed and should be exchanged:

Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090617
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090624
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090706
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090720
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090817
Wysong Senior™: lot #: 090623
Wysong Senior™: lot #: 090811
Wysong Synorgon™: lot #: 090629

Please contact the point of purchase for an exchange or refund.
Mold spores are in all natural foods. When there is heat, oxygen, and sufficient moisture the spores can bloom into mold. Everyone has experienced this with foods at home.

From what can be determined, the problem with the Wysong foods stems from unusually high heat and humidity on those summer dates. This combined with a malfunctioning moisture checking device is believed to be the cause of the higher moisture and this isolated problem.

All Wysong foods have been tested for mycotoxins and are negative. That is the primary danger in consuming moldy foods. If your pet has consumed the product, the most that could be expected would be loose stool, and this should clear upon changing from these lot numbers.

As noted in the article below, mold is a ubiquitous problem in all packaged foods. Wysong takes many measures to address this:

1. Incoming ingredients are tested for moisture and mycotoxins.
2. Finished products are also tested.
3. Ingredients are used to inhibit mold growth.
4. The NutriPak oxygen and light barrier packaging inhibits aerobic mold growth.
5. Products are nitrogen flushed to remove oxygen.
6. Products are fresh batched.
7. Ingredients are used to help adsorb toxins should they be present.
8. People are advised to refrigerate or freeze unused product, i.e. treat it like any fresh natural food is treated.
9. Most importantly, Dr. Wysong has advised for the past 30 years against feeding any singular food meal after meal. Diets should be rotated and fresh foods incorporated into meal planning in order to decrease the risk of chronic exposure to toxins that may be present in any one food. This information is on all Wysong packaged pet foods.

Declaw Ban – San Francisco DID IT!

They did it!  The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to BAN declawing cats in the city of San Francis.   It’s about time!

West Hollywood did it years ago!   Santa Monica recently banned declawing!  Berkeley and Los Angeles will be the next cities to consider it!

We take a deep bow to the 8 supervisors who voted yes!  As for the 2 who refused the vote yes (Michela Alioto-Pier and Sean Elsbernd) we arch our backs and hiss.

The bill now goes before Mayor Gavin Newsom.  He has the power to  sign it into law or to veto it.   Let’s hope that he respects the wishes of the Board of Supervisors and signs the bill.

If you wish to contact Mayor Newsom here is his contact information.

Mayor Gavin Newsom
City Hall, Room 200
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102
fax: 415-554-6160

Come on America!  If every European nation can ban declawing, so should we!  If Martha Stewart can trim her cat’s nails and live with a few shredded places on her furniture so should we!

San Francisco’s attempt to ban declawing! Getting closer!

The news is good!  Nine out of eleven members of the San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors have co-signed the bill introduced by Ross Mirkarimi to ban declawing cats.

The two holdouts are Michela Alioto-Pier and Sean Elsbernd.  Their reasoning?  Alioto-Pier thinks the board has better things to do.  Elsbernd  feels that it’s a matter between cat guardian and vet.

Cat Faeries has called both supervisors offices.   The clerk at the office of Alioto-Pier was rude and hostile.  Elsbernd’s email reply was terse and stubborn.

Even if these two Supervisors remain stuck in their clueless thinking, the 9 compassionate supervisors who are pledged to vote in favor of the ban are what it will take to pass the bill!

The vote is next week (the week of November 9th).   Cat Faeries blog readers will be among the first to know!

More good news.   Berkeley and Los Angeles are also considering banning declawing!  Hats off to West Hollywood for being the first and the inspiration for other cities to follow!