Unscented Anti Icky Poo has arrived!

For all of you who love Anti Icky Poo for it’s ability to really and truly get rid of the smells of cat urine, but don’t love the scent,  we now have the long awaited Unscented Anti Icky Poo.

It performs and behaves exactly like the original Anti Icky Poo, which we still carry of course because a lot of people love the spice scent.

For those of us who do not like fragrance of any kind Unscented Anti Icky Poo get the stench of cat urine out of your home without any added aromas.

Believe us when we say that NOTHING works like Anti Icky Poo get rid of cat urine.  Dog urine is a piece of cake to get rid of, but the chemical makeup of cat urine makes removing it tough.

We continue to test other products which say they remove cat urine.  We tested one which we were hopeful about earlier in the year but ultimately it disappointed us and we opted to stick with Anti Icky Poo.

At present Unscented Anti Icky Poo is only avaiable in quarts.  We are told that the pints will be ready sometime in November 2009.

Buy it now at:     https://www.catfaeries.com/cleanup.html

We love our cats, but the peeing thing is horrible, time to reclaim  your home!

Another Cat Food Recall – Premium Edge

Here we go again, another cat food recall.   The following text was copied from the Premium Edge website:


Diamond Pet Foods has withdrawn from distribution the following date codes of Premium Edge Finicky Adult Cat and Premium Edge Hairball cat: RAF0501A22X 18lb., RAF0501A2X 6 lb., RAH0501A22X 18 lb., RAH0501A2X 6lb. The calls from pet owners or veterinarians regarding this issue have been centered in the Rochester, NY area. All retail outlets shipped the above lots were contacted, asking them to pull the product from the store shelves. The retailers were also asked to contact their customers via email or telephone requesting them to check the date code of the food. However, if you or anyone you know has these date codes of Premium Edge cat food, please return them to your retailer.

Symptoms displayed by an affected cat will be neurological in nature. Any cats fed these date codes that display these symptoms should be immediately taken to a veterinarian.

Product testing proved no contaminants were discovered in the cat food; however the cat foods were deficient in thiamine. Diamond tracked the vitamin premix lot number that was utilized in these particular cat foods and have performed testing on another lot of Premium Edge cat food that used the same vitamin premix, and it was not deficient in thiamine. No other neurological signs have been reported on any other product manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods.