Staying calm in this crazy financial storm

This morning we came to work to find a delightful email from a long time and well loved customer, Cheryl W. It was about a blind old man who envisioned that all in his life was beautiful and well ordered. This gave him inner peace and the ability to keep going and thrive despite his blindness. He said that its a choice to be happy.

Certainly there are days, or cycles, where its darned hard to rise above our own sorrows, worries, grief, anger, and fears. But if we work at it every day, little by little, we can all master the art of letting the feelings of happiness flow through our bodies, hearts, and minds. We’ve got to. For ourselves. Our loved ones. For the survival of our species and planet.

And right now with the financial pickle we’re in its imperative to remain calm, sane, and rational. Its absolutely mind blowing how every time we are out in the world in The Cat Faerie Mobile (a blue 2006 Prius) driving the speed limit that some miserable being in a ridiculously huge truck or SUV hits the accelerator to whip around us in a blaze of screeching tires and false machismo. We chuckle “well, there went $4 in gas.”

Be seriously, slow down. Conserve resources both outer (gas, electricity, your worldly goods, and so on). Conserve inner resources. Its the inner resources of steady nerves, a sharp thinking mind, the benefits of 8 hours sleep, the benefits of drinking several quarts of alkalized water every day, eating only healthful and vital food that serve us. Especially in these seriously difficult times.

Because we want to be a part of solution soon we will be sending out a newsletter with our latest promo. We are still working on the details but it was involve another of our famous “gift with purchase.” The gift will be A Ball of Twine . . . calming music for your cat. Guess what? Yes, it’s going to calm your cat, and it will calm YOU too!

Staying calm allows you to think clearly and to make logical, prudent, and compassionate decisions for every aspect of your life.

Thank you Cheryl W. for giving us the inspiration for this blog posting. Yes, staying calm and happy is definately a choice. Just like it’s a choice to barrel through life with rage, anger, hatred, fear, and with a soggy mind that’s making very foolish decisions. Happiness is your birthright – cultivate it and feel it, and spread it around.