A funny video which emphasizes the importance of spray and neuter.

Hey Jude and Eleanor Rigby!

If you have stubborn friends or family who just don’t get the importance of spay and neuter, here’s something that illustrates it in a fun and easy to grasp way.

We are in favor of anything that can enlighten with humor, creativity, and which does not smack people over the head in a way which puts them off. Enjoy this You Tube video!


yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Comfort for when an animal friend or any friend dies

A group of students of a Tibetan Buddhist Lama were walking through a forest with their teacher.

They came upon the body of a young man. The students looked the man over, looking for marks, blood, any of the usual indicators to explain why a person might die.

They found nothing. Puzzled they asked their teacher:

Why did this young man die?

The wise Lama said: Because he was born.

May this simple thought and perspective ease your pain.