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Furniture Protection

As wonderful as Feliway is for stopping cats from not using their litter boxes, some cats never stop completely. There are times when accidents do happen, perhaps something unusual is going on in the home. Geriatric, sick, or convalescing cats often don't have the control they once had, or are too weak to make it to the litter box.

These are incontinence pads created for people and will hold a cup and a half of fluid. To put them to the test we bought a few in 2001 to use in our rabbit condos and on the flooring in their play area. They performed so perfectly and washed up so well that we knew that Cat Faeries customers would love them for the cats who "just can't help it" because they are ill or elderly, or who are in the process of getting back into the box but still have episodes.

Our 5 bunnies: Mitzi, Dixie, Tony, Lili, and Winston are about 90% litter box trained. But they often don't use their box and they'll pee where they are standing or eating, or watching TV with us at night so we use these pads to soak up any urine, then pop them in the washing machine. We still have some from our first purchase in 2001! They wash up beautifully and with each wash they come back bright white and ready for more action!

We love these pads and we've found so many uses for them including:

  • covering for sofas, chairs, bedspreads, carpeted areas.
  • great in rabbit and other small animal cages for easy clean up and to prevent sore hocks
  • training dogs and puppies
  • fold and place inside cat carriers
  • drooling babies
  • bed wetting adults and children
  • for menstruating women - no more spotted sheets and mattresses
  • line the trunk of your car to keep the upholstery clean
  • take on a picnic or outdoor concert, better than a blanket!
  • under & around a Christmas tree and you'll have instant "snow" which is super easy to clean up on January 1st

DO NOT BLEACH as bleach will break the fibers down and impact how the absorb. Fine for the dryer, but do not use high heat and do not over dry. Made in Canada just for us.

Daphne says:
"Oh boy are these pads great! When our rabbits come upstairs to watch TV with us we put the pads on the sofa so we can all enjoy the show together and nuzzle with our bunny friends. Yes, they like watching birds on TV just like we do!!"
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1 Waterproof pad - Furniture Protection


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Some cats just can't help it and will have the occasional accident or incident of urinating on something. Protect beds, furniture, floors with our washable, waterproof pads. 30 x 34 inch bright white quilted waterproof pad with a special leak proof backing absorbs and holds 2 cups of fluid without soaking through. The pads are soft and pliable so you can arrange them in many ways to suit your needs. Because they are soft cats like to lay on them which also protects your furniture from unwanted fur. The pads are so handy, you'll find many uses for them and we give you some ideas on this page. The pads are meant to be washed and dried 100's of times which means they will last you many, many years. A bargain!

"A healthy 10 pound cat urinates 1 cup to 1 1/4 cups of urine per day. These pads will easily hold that much fluid and more.

Anne Marie Benfatto, DVM
Especially Cats, San Francisco


3 Waterproof Pads - Furniture Protection


Temporarily Out Of Stock

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