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Good behavior and robust health for the modern housecat

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Energy Healing

Energy Healing


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Energy Plus

Energy Healing and in addition you will receive a 1 fl oz bottle of custom flower essence blend and one of our top of the line crystals to support healing and resolution of the condition. This is a lovely bundle.


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Custom Flower Essence Blend Refill

1 fl oz refill of your custom flower essence blend


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Cat Faeries' founder and behaviorist is trained in long distance energy healing. Its a technique similar to Reiki which you may have heard of. However this method is much older, its under the realm of shamanism, and it's based upon healing and compassion with zero hierarchy or "masters" vs not masters. Reiki sessions can range in price from $80 to well over $100. We feel that this work is a gift and that it should be affordable to all especially for those who love and care for several animals or friends therefore we keep our fee very low.

Place your order. You will see an area on the order form that says COMMENTS. Use that space to tell us the following:

1) The name of the animal/person. And age.

2) Using just a few words or sentences tell us what the condition or disorder is. Here are some examples: Swollen left leg, cough, digestive disorder. You'll see a list of more possibilities below.

3) We need to see the eyes of the person/animal so we'll need to see a good photo of the face. We'd like a JPG which can be attached to the automatic receipt that you were emailed. If you didn't save that receipt you can email the photo to us: If you create a fresh email with the photo and description the subject line must read: Cat Faeries energy healing.

When will the healing work be done? Often we do this in the middle of night when the world is quiet and calm and the energy is even more powerful. Each animal or person will receive their long distance energy healing on 3 occassions.

Here are some of the conditions we can help address:

  • Kidneys
  • Thyroid
  • Arthritis
  • Pain
  • Viruses
  • Injuries
  • Urinary system
  • Immunity
  • Pain
  • Past abuse
  • Fear
  • Depression

If you order Energy Plus we will craft a custom flower formula just for you or your animal friend. Well base the formula on what you told us when you ordered, and any impressions we pick up during our energy work. We will draw upon our pharmacy of several hundred flower, tree, root, and other plant medicines and their vibration. Well save your formula if you should wish to reorder. We can certainly revise your formula in the future if you wish.

What Customers Say About Our Energy Healing

Look who jumped up on my lap today by himself! Thanks again for your help with him.

Every bit of Cat Faeries text is original. It was written by our behaviorist and it is based upon our years of experience with every item we have carefully selected just for you. All of our text and photos are copyright protected. If you should be foolish and dare to copy it, you will be sent immediately to the pound, and hunted down by our legal team who will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Our intellectual property lawyer was a pitbull in a past life.
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