Donating useful goods to your favorite cat shelter or rescue group is a breeze.

Here's how:
1. When you order online from Cat Faeries put your name and address in the BILL TO area.
2. In the SHIP TO area give us the name and address of the shelter.

We'll do the rest - they'll get their items and our handouts which go with the products and you'll feel so good knowing that you have been an Angel.

We'll hand write a note on the copy of the receipt that the shelter will receive with their items saying that this is a donation from you and that you'd like a form sent at the end of the year for tax purposes. For backup, we'll snail mail you a hard copy for your records.  

If your favorite shelter or rescue group is not 5013c and this is a gift let us know in COMMENTS and we'll include a gift card with your name on it.