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A Community of Survivors

A vibrational rose water mist used over the heart and around the aura for people & animals to help the survivor of trauma to heal, flourish, and move on.

A Community of Survivors
1 oz. heart and aura spray

1 fl. oz.
Alcohol Free! Bottled in organic pink and white Rose Water.


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Clifford says:
A customer who we'll call RQ wrote to us to say: " This spray is not only a beautiful concept; it is a very real comfort. As a CSA survivor (child of sexual assault) I have found this spray to be a great tool in my healing. I am currently still fighting my abuser in court, and I have taken the spray with me to court dates. I can't even describe what an immense help it has been. Just knowing it's there in my purse gives me peace of mind. I am extremely grateful to be using this! It's so easy to tell the amount of time and care that went into creating this lovely product. I definitely recommend it.""

A Community of Survivors
2 oz. heart and aura spray

2 fl. oz.
Alcohol Free! Bottled in organic Rose Water.


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Miles says:
A customer of ours has this fascinating account to share! "Actually I had a very interesting experience with Community of Survivors! When it arrived we were dealing with a 15 yr old kitty who had abruptly been refusing to eat for nearly a week. No apparent reason. We had resorted to syringe feeding (which she despised) because there was nothing wrong with her, except she wouldn't eat. And we were trying everything and anything to tempt her. Excellent blood work, a bunch of other tests came back showing nothing wrong, vet was stumped, said "We have a perfectly healthy cat here who won't eat!" She had lost so much weight we knew it was a matter of days before we either had to make a decision or she would simply starve to death. I had just opened the bottle and sprayed a crystal that she helped me pick out specifically for her and she was immediately quite interested in the spray, so I went even further, rubbing her, programming the crystal, the usual protocols. She had watery diarrhea that night and again the next morning, but began to eat some that morning. Since then her appetite has returned to normal, as well as her stool. She now looks for me to bring in the bottle for her "treatment". I think that says it all!" Karen, pilot, horse trainer, and cat-mom extraordinaire

A Community of Survivors
8 oz. refill bottle, no sprayer

Priced to give you one free ounce!


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Madeline says:
"I'm the thrifty one! It was my idea to offer a refill bottle!"


Community Crystals


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Community Crystals are a highly recommended add-on. We have lots of crystals to select from so if you would kindly tell us in COMMENTS on the order form a few words to describe the trauma or situation we will select the right crystals. We do this with the utmost reverence, love, compassion, and confidentiality. Youíll get a personalized handout that will tell you the name of the crystal(s) and what the benefits are. Youíll also get our complete set of crystal handouts which include how to cleanse, energize and program them so that they can give you the most benefit and assistance.

Daphne says:
"We will select crystals just for YOU! We'll also type up a handout explaining the benefits of YOUR crystals! We love the personal touch and hope you do too!"

During our 26 years in service to cats we heard from countless people who had cats or other animals who survived some sort of abuse. They loved our flower essences for alleviating that pain and allowing the animals to move on and feel loved and be normal. At the same time people sometimes came right out and said it or hinted that they too had been survivors of trauma, assault, neglect, abuse, or some other form of harm. Theyíd often ask if they could take some of our essence formulas for cats like Calm and Serene or Release the Past.

In April 2018 after the October 2017 wildfires in Sonoma County which burnt thousands of acres, destroyed homes, businesses, killed people and countless animal companions and all forms of wildlife I wanted to visit a forest which I knew burnt and which has always been dear to me. I wanted to see the destruction and offer condolences to the land and its inhabitants.

What I found came as a bit of surprise. I saw surviving. I saw flourishing. I saw new growth. I was surrounded by Survivors. I saw that these Survivors were bursting forward, full of life, not looking backwards.

In this forest Iíve always known where to find my favorite wildflowers which bloomed in their time during Spring but in 2018 I was seeing them in large swaths in new places as well as the usual places. And I saw a few species of flowers that neither I or the trail walkers had not seen before. All around me where trees that had black scorch marks but were showing off new leaves and shoots. Small birds, hawks, bees, and butterflies were flying around doing what they have always done. I heard that the bob cats were flourishing. A highlight was to see a rare California garter snake sunning on a path. Emotions and words were overcoming me. Words such as Life! Survival! Donít Give Up! Move Forward! Bloom and blossom where you are planted!

I knew that I was being welcomed back to a place that has always relied on community and multiple symbiotic relationships to survive, and but now after the fires they were doing so with new vigor and in abundance. I was struck that so many people or animal friends who go through similar physical or emotional destruction often shut down, feel hopeless and canít move forward.

In meditating with the survivors of this forest I learned that their collective consciousness and their collective energies wanted to reach out to help others in the world survive, flourish and move on with new growth. Thus, a new vibrational essence was born in that forest and later bottled as a heart and aura spray for absolutely any being who has survived trauma but is somehow stuck from moving forward to heal, flourish and grow.

For People: One gentle spray near the cave of the heart, or around the head, or any part of the aura once or twice a day.

For Cats: If a gentle spray is too frightening apply to a cloth or your hand and gently touch it to fur, tips of ears, chest/heart area, or tail.

For Other House Animals: One gentle spray if it can be tolerated, otherwise apply to a cloth or your hand and gently touch it to fur, tips of ears, chest/heart area, or tail.

For Horses and Other Large Animals: One gentle spray to the cave of the heart area and top of the head. Or apply to a cloth and gently touch fur, tips of ears and tail.

For Wild Animals or Animals Unsafe to Get Close To: Spray the air and blow the mist towards the animal. Or apply to a crystal and beam it.

Applying to crystals for any person or animal is always recommended and weíll teach you how when you order.

Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water lovingly made from petals, Organic Bulgarian Pink Rose Water lovingly made from petals, and the vibration of each life form and member of a flourishing forest community in Sonoma County, California.
  • The 13 colors of the frequencies of The 7 Rays were shown on the water and each bottle
  • Tuning forks with the resonance of Quartz Crystals was used to amplify this essence
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