Winners of Our New CFO (Chief Feline Officer) Name Contest!

Introducing: Madeline Silver Belle.

Thank you to the 300 or so folks who wrote to us with their name suggestions. We read every single one, often more than twice. We were so moved – most of you shared personal stories which went with the name you selected. Some names were beloved friends, family members or departed feline friends. The stories were beautiful. How much Kleenex did we go through? Countless pieces, at least one box! (good thing it’s made from recycled paper)

The most popular name by a landslide was Grace and some really fun variations: Gracie, Gracy, Grayse, Amazing Grace.

Big thank you to Michelle and Jessica for selecting Madeline. That was the name she responded to the most (yes we tried every single name to see which she liked best) And a big thank you to Tonda for the Silver Belle part.

Madeline does not meow: she squeaks, chirps, and peeps – it’s like listening to a tiny silver bell jingle! A cat toy is winging its way to the three of you as a thank you gift from Madeline!

Madeline Silver Belle is completely at ease with her new life. She’s never “had a job” before (other than being cute) and she’s enjoying her Cat Faeries duties which include: supervising, alerting us when it’s lunch time, testing toys, insisting we have an afternoon nap and pushing paper off desk tops.

Here’s pictures of Madeline Silver Belle hard at work!

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