Free stickers for your day planner or wall calendar – easy reminders to change your refills

Free with your order of Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffusers or Refills! Exclusively from Cat Faeries for our customers: Cute and handy monthly refill reminder stickers for your 2010 wall calendar or day planner. You’ll get 12 self-adhesive stickers – each is 1″ diameter (shown a bit larger in the picture).

Remembering when to change the refills for your Comfort Zone with Feliway diffusers isn’t easy. We hear from people all the time who will remember the first few months then they start to forget. Even we forget!

Now you’ll know exactly when to swap out an empty refill bottle and replace it with a new one. They even have our website address on them.

Happy New Year! You’ll just love how organized you are going to be this year.