Feliway – benefits eldery cats

“Age 17 seems like a magic age when many cats suddenly lose their hearing,” says Anne-Marie Benfatto, DVM of San Francisco’s premiere cat hospital, Especially Cats.

The cats who live at Cat Faeries are known as “the little old ladies” and we’d say that what Dr Benfatto is telling us is very true. Sadly, Betty (age 17.5) and Tasha (age 17 or 18) have both completely lost their hearing in the past year.

Their deafness has been very upsetting to us. They never get to hear us tell them how beautiful they are, how much we love them, all those little sweet sayings which we lavish upon them, are no longer heard. Spookie at age 20 still hears most pitches and tones, but she’s hearing less and less as time goes on. Torti at 14 still hears it all, in particular, the dinner bell!

The sense that never seems to go away, and in fact can get stronger and more sensitive, is the sense of smell. Because the Feliway pheromone works with a cat’s sense of smell to send the message “I don’t pee here” we know that the calming message that it sends is more important than ever to an aging cat.

Feliway is known to have a calming effect on most cats which is partly why it’s so successful for getting cats to stop peeing on naughty surfaces. So, even if your cats are purrfect litter box users you will want the scent of Feliway in your home simply for it’s calming benefits for cats of all ages, in particular older cats with hearing loss or who are deaf.

Place a Comfort Zone with Feliway diffuser in the rooms where geriatric cats spend their time snoozing. The smell of Feliway will be very assuring to a cat who can’t hear well. Or use the spray form and apply it to cat beds and perches. The smell of Feliway will provide pleasure to your cats.

Its been scientifically proven that calm beings live longer and healthier lives. And for our aging kitties, that means fewer vet bills and stress put on the human family members.

More wonderful reasons why Cat Faeries loves Feliway! Spread the joy with Feliway!