Saying farewell to Molasses and opening the heart for the prospect of another cat to rescue and love.

We got this email from one of our wonderful customers and it’s so heartwarming that we want to share it with you.

Dear Cat Faery,

Thank you for your card, and for lighting a candle for Lasses! I just got the card Friday, as my sister-in-law delivered mail to me from the old address to our new place. We had to move from the farm so my husband could get off the stairs since his back injury. I miss the farm kitties, but my brother-in-law, “Farmer Don” is taking good care of them up in the calf barn.

Your note truly warmed our hearts, and it’s up on our fridge. Losing Lasses was sad and hard, but the right thing, because he was in pain. I noticed today as his pictures came across my screen saver that I can look at them and smile at the furry antics, and know that he is safe and happy, and waiting for me, even though of course I miss him. Truly, I felt your prayers for us that night, and the prayers of many who love us.

I considered waiting a long time before getting another kitty, but then I read a “will” that was “written” by an adopted dog, and I knew Lasses wanted me to pass on the love and care I gave him to another kitty who was in need, so when the time is right, I will certainly get another.

When I got Molasses, he was a rescue whose mother and siblings had been shot by some guys in a warehouse, and my friend found him, cold and scared. She called me, and I heard the still small whisper telling me this was the kitty for me. So he went to my other friend’s home for a bath, then to my house. (he had 3 human mothers, poor thing!) The rest is history, and there are many, many pictures to document it, even from his kittenhood when he was barely a handful of fur.) I guess I say all this to encourage anyone else who may have lost a pet, but is hesitant to get another, that the one thing, the only thing your pet, and my Molasses, can pass on, besides his few meager earthly effects, are my love and affection. And so, that I am willing to give as long as I also live on this side of that beautiful rainbow.

Please know that you all always put a sparkle in Molasses’ eye whenever your packages came in the mail, and his nose was high in the air for days sniffing the “fun fumes”, LOL. You helped him be a happy, pampered boy. We’ll stay in touch! Love and hugs to you, your new hubby, and the kitties and bunnies!


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