Is your cat staring at a heater grate or urinating on or near it? We may know why!

It’s beginning to get chilly outside in some parts of the country. And when it’s cold outside mice want to come into our houses for warmth. So if your cat is suddenly staring at the heater grates or have even peed on it, mice who use the ducts as a highway could be the cause!

Anti Icky Poo cleaner is safe to use near or on a heater. And it will get rid of the urine and the urine smell. Just shut off the heater before you apply it.

Don’t use Feliway spray near the heater vent as it is flammable. Instead place a diffuser nearby. If there isn’t an electrical outlet there, use an extension cord and put a pea sized piece of Museum Wax under the pheromone bottle and attach it to the floor or a table.

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