Hurricane Sandy and Animals: some good news, and good advice.

(This information came from our customers on our Facebook page – keep checking there for more updates.)

If you recall during Hurricane Katrina animals were NOT allowed on buses or other means of evacuation, or in shelters – which was appalling. New York City is not letting that happen!

Our friend and long time customer Janea reports to us via Facebook:

“I was VERY glad to see this morning that in NYC evacuation laws, cab drivers are not allowed to refuse a fare if they have animals with them and shelters are not allowed to refuse people with animals (as long as they’re on leashes or in crates). It’s a city law.”

From another great person and customer, Judy C:

For those who are evacuating and have pets, below is a listing of pet-friendly hurricane evacuation shelters in the New York metropolitan area:

Nassau County

Nassau Community College – Mitchel Field (NSALA mobile unit(s) will be present)
Charles Lindbergh Boulevard
Uniondale, NY

Suffolk County

Brentwood Rec Center
99 Third Ave
Brentwood, NY 11771

Suffolk Community College Eastern Campus – Corchaug Building
121 Speok – Riverhead Road
Riverhead, NY 11901

NYC/Queens/Brooklyn/Staten Island/Bronx

Animals can be brought to any evacuation shelter that is located in a public school; animals can also be brought on public transportation during an evacuation.

ALL animals must have:
• proof of current vaccinations
• sturdy crate/carrier to keep animal in

All dogs must also have:

• sturdy leash
• current license
• proof of ownership
• bring muzzle (dogs)

Judy also gave us the link to The North Shore Animal League website which will keep us up to date on many aspects of animals and evacuations. These are the folks who go to the front lines whenever there is a disaster or emergency. What brave and loving people they are!

And from Baltimore, Maryland:

BARCS needs help tomorrow morning. The shelter is located in a high flood area right along the water in Baltimore City. They will be evacuating all 200+ animals starting at 7 AM tomorrow morning. They are taking the animals to 1st Mariner Arena. If you can help transport, if you can donate crates, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies, or if you can short term foster during the duration of the storm they can use your help (and can show them an evacuation plan). They need everyone there by 7 am Monday Morning. Please share and thank you!

BARCS is located at 301 Stockholm Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

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