How to interview and choose a new veterinarian

It’s a new year and a great time to start to shop around for a new veterinarian. Did someone new move in last year? If yes, check them out! You could be in for a delightful surprise. Call every groomer, pet shop, dog walker (even if you only have cats) and cat sitter in town and ask for referrals.

A good veterinarian is worth their weight in gold, platinum, and diamonds.

This could be love and long lasting relationship

  • Is a Smarty Pants – in the best way possible, really smart and thinks outside of the box
  • Really listens to you and takes notes
  • Loves that you are asking a lot questions about their training, special interests and classes, areas of medicine that really inspire them
  • Does not roll eyes at you if you bring up something sensitive or disagree
  • Shows emotion when you are given bad news or lose an animal
  • Allows you to watch blood draws
  • Allows you to see and inspect their surgery room and kennel area
  • Takes classes every year including alternative forms of medicine
  • Has new state of the art equipment
  • Emails/calls colleagues at universities and out of state for advice
  • Martha Stewart approved tidiness
  • Proudly displays animal charities they donate to or volunteer for


  • Picks bits of cat and dog fur off their clothes
  • Insists on declawing a new kitten
  • Pushes annual vaccinations for a housecat
  • Charges for quick phone calls to discuss blood work or answer questions
  • Is impolite to the vet techs
  • The waiting room is a 3 ring circus of chaos and noise
  • Ancient equipment (a good example is one clinic we know had a 30 year old X-ray machine from a human podiatrist!)
  • Thinks they know it all and does not have colleagues to consult with
  • Dust and crud on the floors
  • Rolls eyes at you or staff

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