How pumpkin aids your cat’s digestion

How pumpkin aids your cat’s digestion at

This time of year your cat faerie becomes obsessed with all things pumpkin! I love the color, the shape, the flavor, and I love the seeds slow roasted with a pinch of Himalayan salt and a few cloves of garlic, or raw in salads. I love pumpkin custard and love to come up with savory recipes.

Many cats love the taste of pumpkin too. And here’s some good news about pumpkin and cats! Many vets recommend plain cooked pumpkin as a remedy for kitty’s diarrhea and other digestive upsets.

I think just about everyone has a story about a cat who got into a pumpkin pie! But the sugar and spices in a pie aren’t good for cats. While plain pumpkin eases diarrhea, the sugar and spices in your pie can cause it or aggravate it.

Plain organic pumpkin in cans is pretty easy to find, but we try to avoid cans and their potentially toxic inner lining.

Your best bet is the roast a few pumpkins at a low heat, then freeze in glass FIDO jars. We love FIDO jars because the white ring creates a tight seal so that air cannot enter the jar as cause spoilage or oxidation as will happen when we use mason jars with the screw on lid. Don’t buy jars similar to FIDO jars but with the orange ring – its rubber, and that will leach into your food.

Roasting and freezing allows you to have pumpkin for kitty tummy upsets year round and for your own pumpkin cravings.

One of our favorite bloggers is Elana Amsterdam of Elana’s Pantry. Here she tells us how to roast a pumpkin, the same method I’ve used for many years –

This website tells you of the health benefits of eating pumpkin and the various nutrients they contain

This very short video is by a veterinarian who talks about pumpkin and how it helps a cat with diarrhea. She also tells you how much pumpkin to give your cat per day and mentions other benefits for your cat.

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