Helping you to sleep as restfully as your cat

In our modern world light is present all night long. And it’s not good for us. Any amount of light coming through the window (or from electronics in your bedroom) penetrates your skin and disturbs your sleep. Disturbed sleep has a negative impact on your health and longevity. This ingenious company makes customized and removable black out panels.

Turn that darned computer off! Turn off the TV! When it gets dark, dim the lights!

Your cat faerie turns off her computer by 6pm. Well, she tries to anyway. This gizmo will cut down on the blue light which comes from your computer and which is keeping you from falling asleep and staying asleep, and sleeping deeply. Blue lights from your computer or TV or phone (etc.) affects our brains and sleep patterns. (More on the hazards of blue lights at nighttime below.)

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