Continuing Care. Worried that your cat will outlive you? Plan ahead for the care of your cat.

We are long time fans of The Peninsula Humane Society. They recently created and adopted a program called Continuing Care which has been copied by a shelter in Arizona. Now you can urge your local shelter to create a similar program. Here’s the story:

The Peninsula Humane Society’s “Continuing Care Program” is a valuable service as it helps you prepare for your animal’s future in case you pass away during their lifetime.

They will connect your animal companion with a home of your choosing or arrange for their care while they look for a loving new home. This reduces strain on your family and friends. And it provides invaluable stability for your animal friends.

If you live in the Bay Area just enroll by contacting them. There is no charge for joining. But they do ask that you make an annual donation to maintain a membership in the Peninsula Humane Society.

If you do not live in the Bay Area, simply show this article to the director of your shelter or humane society. Urge them to contact Lisa Van Buskirk either by phone or by email. She’ll tell them how to set it up. She won’t mind if they use the same name (Continuing Care) or create their own name. Cat Faeries thinks that it would be way cool if ALL shelters called it Continuing Care so that it becomes a known option that a person can simply do a Google search for in their area. Lisa is a lovely person who is ready to help: 650 340-7022 x327 or

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