More Cute 1870’s Cat Pictures

More cute pictures from the 1870’s…

Here is Downton Tabby is her perambulator waiting for the Dowager Countess to give her a push. When was the last time you saw or heard the word perambulator? Had you ever heard it before today? It’s a favorite word of your cat faerie, so elegantly old fashioned and so Englishy.

1870's picture of a cat in a baby carriage

Snuggly kittens in a basket – I feel a nap coming on!

1870's picture of kittens in a basket

They are by a English photographer named Pointer who sold photographs to tourists at Brighton. To find out more about these visit

Kim Kardashian Kisses Kitty

Will Kim Kardashian be changing her name to Kat Kardashian? Boyfriend Kanye West gave her a darling white blue eyed Persian kitten because she’s always wanted one. In this photo from an Instagram post by Kim, she kisses kitty who looks like she’d rather be playing with her toys!

A Very Cute Kitten In A Top Hat

Nifty kitty in a top hat! Looks like kitty is at the seashore with a fisherman nearby. Perhaps the kitten will do a soft-shoe to attract the fish!