Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s cat and muse, Choupette

Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel designer, has a cat named Choupette who he is crazy about. She has two maids and a driver. At the bottom of this posting from Fashionista are 16 pages of photos. They are also featured in the September issue of Bazaar which I got in today’s mail, and is the first time I learned of her. Isn’t she a beauty? Anyone know what her name means in English? (no cheating with Google!)

Fashionista – A Year In the Life of Choupette: The Risks and Rewards of Being Karl Lagerfeld’s Muse of the Moment

Karl Lagerfeld's cat and muse Choupette

Meet Venus, a Chimera cat. Videos prove that this photo is NOT Photoshop!

Meet Venus, a Chimera cat with coloring and eyes that will blow your mind! And yes, she’s a Facebook superstar!

Venus’s Facebook page full of great photos and stories about this gorgeous cat. Many of her fans post photos of other cats and various animals with similar markings:

You can also see a video of Chimera

Have you had a psychic hit that a special cat was about to enter your life?

This is such a cool story. How many of us had a psychic hit that there was a special cat (or another animal) about to enter their lives?

Talking cat’s telepathy speaks volumes

In 2004, after being cat-less for about a year, Kris Eugene-Johnson felt ready to adopt and suggested to her husband, Ralph Johnson, that they visit the San Francisco SPCA. “No need to,” he replied. When she raised an eyebrow, he continued. “For a few days now, I’ve been feeling that a cat is on its way to us. We’re about to get adopted.” Crazy, yes. But he convinced Kris that they should wait. And so they did.


An amazing story about a lost cat

Last week a customer placed an order and made this note in the Comments area. We love stories like this!

Wonderful news! After being lost for over 18 months my Tigger has been found! He travelled 40 miles south to find me and was found less than 5 miles from my new home. He had only lived there for about a month before I put him with my friend at her farm to see if he wanted to be an outdoor kitty. Where I live it’s too busy to try letting him outside, so I wanted to see if he really wanted this. He lived in her barn for a week or so, then he disappeared. His microchip was scanned last week and I got the call–he’d come south to Maryland. Amazing! He’s tired but he’s my boy. The CD and Toy are his presents for coming home to his Mommy.

Kristy and Tigger – together forever!