Lucky The Sphynx Cat Sleeping With His Cat Faeries Catnip Toys

Airie sent in a very cute picture of Lucky the Sphynx sleeping with his Cat Faeries Catnip Toy Beet and As-purr-agus –

A nice note and picture from a customer about our catnip toys

This is a nice note and picture from our customer Melody who just received a shipment of cat toys from us. You can see our toys here –


Just had to share a photo of Pumpkin with one of the new toys that arrived. I had opened the box to look at them and then turned it upside down and put it in a spot where the cats do not go. Well, last night i was going to wrap them for the other kitties (about 10) who will be receiving them for Christmas. (Their owners will love these!) My cat Vader got into the box and started distributing to Pumpkin and Autry who were waiting on the floor!! I had to stop before he got all 20 out of the box!! But, not before getting bitten!!!! Vader did not want me to take it away!!! Do have business cards you could send that i could put with the toys? There are 5 new cat owners that I would like to introduce to your site.

Melody S.

More pictures from Cat Heaven Island

Here are more wonderful photos of cats who live on Tashiro-jima island in Japan. It’s the Japanese fishing island where cats roam free and there are more cats than people. (We’ve posted pictures and links to more pictures before –

These pictures come from the blog of Fubirai, a photographer who has been documenting the cats of Tashiro-jima Island since 2007.

Another customer shares a story – Fostering Shelter Kittens

I wasn’t looking for a foster kitten, but fate intervened. His intake date was my late brother’s birthday. Weighing a little over a pound he was the only surviving member of his litter. He had one blue and one green eye. Best of all – he came equipped with “auto-purr” (which was activated whenever I picked him up). Hurricane Felix was the second Hurricane of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season so it stood to reason that this kitten had to be a Purricane.

Purricane Felix – July 2007

Everyone has heard the dismal statistics on shelter euthanasia. What you don’t hear are the numbers of “unassisted deaths” due to disease. The cute little kittens who should be the most adoptable are also the most susceptible to parasites and upper respiratory infections. Poorly developed immune systems and the lack of body reserves ensure they are ill equipped to handle the stress of a shelter environment.

Fostering in a home environment:

  • Reduces stress
  • Decreases exposure to contagious diseases
  • Facilitates socialization
  • Saves lives

Purricane needed antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. He also needed to gain weight in order to be adoptable.

People who love cats but aren’t able or ready to commit to a fulltime pet can provide the extra care kittens need before they can find their forever homes through a shelter.

Of course, some people do fall in love with their fosters (and vice versa). =^..^=

Purricane Felix (aka “The Purr”) – 2009

Alison W. – Certified Veterinary Technician

Wonderful pictures from Cat Heaven Island

Here are some stunning photos of the cats who live on Tashiro-jima island in Japan. Cats roam free and there are more cats than people on the island. The people believe that cats bring wealth and good fortune. The cats believe it is very nice that the primary business on the island is fishing. Here’s a link to more pictures –

Here’s another photo from Tashiro-jima island in Japan. It’s also called Cat Heaven Island. These well fed kitties seem to think it’s heaven.

Another customer shares the story of a very special cat

The Smartest (and Best Cat Ever!) I’ve ever known!

Meet Buster, a.k.a. Gus. Buster came to us as a grown-up, scruffy, overweight cat that regularly snorted with disdain at all those around them. He had been an only cat in his previous house and wasn’t at all certain that he cared for a home where there were other felines. Actually, at the time, there were five other cats in his personal space! But, after a short time, he decided that life with his very own couch and heated blankets was very good and with a terrific health plan, what more could he possibly want? Don’t forget the importance of regular health check-ups for the more mature cats in your house, including dental exams and cleanings.

Any question, especially soon after a meal, was always best answered with a nap. Naps are so important; however, whenever his favorite persons were home, it was always time for another meal and Buster was always at our feet with that very quizzical look.

With great sadness for all members of our family, we lost our funny, old cat several years back to old age. We always felt like he really chose us-we are so glad we adopt since the rewards are endless. It is still difficult to remember when we didn’t turn around and hear his bell throughout the house. Even a nap in all of his favorite spots couldn’t take the place of his very favorite person’s lap (my husband!) and we will always miss his very loud purr…

Tricia L.

Hernando, MS