Black Cat Devotion Month at Cat Faeries

It’s nearly October 1st and that means 30 days until Halloween! And to celebrate we are honoring black cats and calling October “Black Cat Devotion Month at Cat Faeries”! Send us photos of your black cat to and put My Black Cat in the subject line. If you like you can pin them on Pinterest or post on Facebook. Black cats are beautiful as anyone lucky enough to live with one knows!

Catnip toy grab bag: 25% off!

Eat your vegetables! Make friends with hamsters and bunnies! Be nice to those mice! And put your toys away!

Well now, most cats just simply won’t be told what to do, but that’s ok, we’ve got a great grab bag (our surprise, we’ll choose!) of catnip play toys which will give any cat many healthy romps around the house chasing them!

Order our grab bag assortment of 4 toys and we’ll have big fun picking them out. Until the mail person comes you won’t know what the cat faerie waved her wand over to surprise! Mysteries and surprises are FUN! And because we are Cat Faeries there might even be something brand-spankin-new which no one has seen yet!

The grab bag of 4 toys is marked down on the website. Buy as many as you like, and remember you can order just cat toys to get free shipping! This special fun-tastic sale goes through Midnight Monday September 1st in honor of Labor Day, a holiday that no cat can relate to or understand… labor? At what? Cats do not work! But cats will celebrate any holiday – with toys!

Cat Faeries is now on Pinterest!

Cat Faeries is Now on Pinterest

Cat Faeries in now pinning on Pinterest! If you are signed up for Pinterest please include Cat Faeries in your fun of pinning, exploring, discovering, and the repinning your favorite images. On the Cat Faeries Pinterest Page, you can see our pins and follow us or our boards. Haven’t signed up yet? Don’t wait – it’s big fun! Really! And who doesn’t want more fun in their day?! YEAH! Now is a great time to join in the excitement! Pinterest is oodles of cute fun, its very exciting to share adorable and clever “pins” with friends. Check out our page, boards and pins.

25% Off New Catnip Indian Corn!

Our Catnip Indian Corn is brand new and it’s on sale until Monday (August 18th) at 25% off!

This is the purrfect toy to get all cats and kittens ready for Autumn’s long awaited nip in the air! And as always, this toy is filled with our legendary super-potent catnip.


Some Favorite Catnip Cat Toys Back in Stock

New Catnip Toys – Broccoli Floret & Indian Corn

Catnip Broccoli Floret

Adding to our whimsical collection of catnip vegetables we announce the arrival of Broccoli! While no self respecting cat would (or should?) eat broccoli this round Broccoli Floret will surely make any cat very happy!

Catnip Indian Corn

The same shape as our popular yellow corn cobs. This print will have you thinking about Autumn with its nice nip in the air!

Does your cat go too wild from catnip? We are happy to special order any of our cat toys without catnip inside. Place your order for the toys that you want. Use COMMENTS to ask that we have toys made for you without any catnip. Please allow 4 weeks to get the toys to you.