Pumpkin Plays with His Cat Faeries Catnip As-purr-agus and Corn on the Cob Toys

Melody sent this picture of Pumpkin playing with his Cat Faeries Catnip As-purr-agus (http://www.catfaeries.com/toys.html#as-purr-agus) and Corn on the Cob. Our toys are all handmade in the USA. Melody says “He sure loves them!!”

Lucky The Sphynx Cat Sleeping With His Cat Faeries Catnip Toys

Airie sent in a very cute picture of Lucky the Sphynx sleeping with his Cat Faeries Catnip Toy Beet and As-purr-agus – http://www.catfaeries.com/toys.html

Cosmo the cat shows off his catnip fried egg

Our customer Aniela sent in a nice story and a picture of Cosmo enjoying his Cat Faeries catnip fried egg – http://www.catfaeries.com/toys.html

Thank you so much for the awesome cat toys! As soon as I opened the box my cat Cosmo started sniffing all around. He knew something good was coming! The egg toy is just the best, Cosmo played with it for almost an hour before he needed a nap. My other cat Zoe was not as impressed, a few licks and she was all set – hey, can’t please everyone! I’m sure she’ll come around soon. Sorry the picture isn’t better, he wouldn’t sit still!

Thanks too for the fast shipping, kitty Christmas came early this year!


Milo the cat shows off his catnip pickle

Here’s another very nice note and picture of one of our toys from a customer, Michelle. Milo is showing off his catnip pickle – http://www.catfaeries.com/toys.html

This is my friend’s cat, Milo. I gave him one of your toys and he loved it. Just thought I’d share!

Michelle P.

A nice note and picture from a customer about our catnip toys

This is a nice note and picture from our customer Melody who just received a shipment of cat toys from us. You can see our toys here – http://www.catfaeries.com/toys.html


Just had to share a photo of Pumpkin with one of the new toys that arrived. I had opened the box to look at them and then turned it upside down and put it in a spot where the cats do not go. Well, last night i was going to wrap them for the other kitties (about 10) who will be receiving them for Christmas. (Their owners will love these!) My cat Vader got into the box and started distributing to Pumpkin and Autry who were waiting on the floor!! I had to stop before he got all 20 out of the box!! But, not before getting bitten!!!! Vader did not want me to take it away!!! Do have business cards you could send that i could put with the toys? There are 5 new cat owners that I would like to introduce to your site.

Melody S.

Cute Cat Faeries Catnip Toy Owner Naps With Her Collection

A picture of Missus napping after a hard day of play with some of her Cat Faeries catnip toys. Her hamster, pickle and as-purr-agus are close by to ensure the sweetest of sweet dreams. The picture is from our customer Courtney. http://www.catfaeries.com/toys.html