Create a rain proof shelter for outside feral cats

Do you care for ferals or know of abandoned outside cats who would benefit from a safe and dry place to sleep? Using a storage bin, straw and Styrofoam building insulation, follow the photos and create a rain proof shelter for outside cats. Photos are by the Humane Society of Hobart, Indiana. Thank you Jenni for finding this!

Introducing Cat Faeries latest family member: Coco!

We found Coco on the wonderful and we are so glad we did! She’s a darling! And while they don’t know it yet, Cat Faeries CFO (Chief Feline Officer) Madeline Silver Belle and Coco will be best friends, ruling Cat Faeries with the touch of a paw or two!

In February Coco was found by the lovely Michelle who lives in San Jose and who feeds several cat colonies. One day at one of the colonies she saw a cat sitting on a fence, crying. She saw the new cat for 4 days. Because Coco’s ear was not tipped she knew that she was not feral, but had been dumped by some creep. Michelle took her home and named the elegant cat after Coco Chanel.

Fast forward to September 2012. We lost our beloved 18 year old Torti September 4th. And for the first time in countless years there was only one cat in the house! So the search began to open our door and hearts to another cat (or more?). Pet Finder is great fun for what we call Kitty Photo Dating! You can search for the species you are interested in and the breed.

She arrived yesterday and once she comes out of the closet we’ll take photos. For now, here are her Pet Finder pix.


Are you a professional cat sitter or a cat shelter volunteer concerned about bringing home diseases, or smells which could upset your cats?

When your cat faerie was a cat sitter, and an SPCA cat socializer, and sold our cat products at cat shows she devised a method for removing the smells of other cats, and to make sure that diseases had not hitched a ride.

Enter the house through the garage. At the washing machine change into fresh clothes and shoes which you placed there before you left. Toss the clothes into the washer, then go inside the house. With warm soapy water wash hands up to the elbow, and be sure you get between your fingers too. Your cats probably won’t detect the smells of other cats and there’s no worry about making your cats sick.

Continuing Care. Worried that your cat will outlive you? Plan ahead for the care of your cat.

We are long time fans of The Peninsula Humane Society. They recently created and adopted a program called Continuing Care which has been copied by a shelter in Arizona. Now you can urge your local shelter to create a similar program. Here’s the story:

The Peninsula Humane Society’s “Continuing Care Program” is a valuable service as it helps you prepare for your animal’s future in case you pass away during their lifetime.

They will connect your animal companion with a home of your choosing or arrange for their care while they look for a loving new home. This reduces strain on your family and friends. And it provides invaluable stability for your animal friends.

If you live in the Bay Area just enroll by contacting them. There is no charge for joining. But they do ask that you make an annual donation to maintain a membership in the Peninsula Humane Society.

If you do not live in the Bay Area, simply show this article to the director of your shelter or humane society. Urge them to contact Lisa Van Buskirk either by phone or by email. She’ll tell them how to set it up. She won’t mind if they use the same name (Continuing Care) or create their own name. Cat Faeries thinks that it would be way cool if ALL shelters called it Continuing Care so that it becomes a known option that a person can simply do a Google search for in their area. Lisa is a lovely person who is ready to help: 650 340-7022 x327 or

Saying farewell to Molasses and opening the heart for the prospect of another cat to rescue and love.

We got this email from one of our wonderful customers and it’s so heartwarming that we want to share it with you.

Dear Cat Faery,

Thank you for your card, and for lighting a candle for Lasses! I just got the card Friday, as my sister-in-law delivered mail to me from the old address to our new place. We had to move from the farm so my husband could get off the stairs since his back injury. I miss the farm kitties, but my brother-in-law, “Farmer Don” is taking good care of them up in the calf barn.

Your note truly warmed our hearts, and it’s up on our fridge. Losing Lasses was sad and hard, but the right thing, because he was in pain. I noticed today as his pictures came across my screen saver that I can look at them and smile at the furry antics, and know that he is safe and happy, and waiting for me, even though of course I miss him. Truly, I felt your prayers for us that night, and the prayers of many who love us.

I considered waiting a long time before getting another kitty, but then I read a “will” that was “written” by an adopted dog, and I knew Lasses wanted me to pass on the love and care I gave him to another kitty who was in need, so when the time is right, I will certainly get another.

When I got Molasses, he was a rescue whose mother and siblings had been shot by some guys in a warehouse, and my friend found him, cold and scared. She called me, and I heard the still small whisper telling me this was the kitty for me. So he went to my other friend’s home for a bath, then to my house. (he had 3 human mothers, poor thing!) The rest is history, and there are many, many pictures to document it, even from his kittenhood when he was barely a handful of fur.) I guess I say all this to encourage anyone else who may have lost a pet, but is hesitant to get another, that the one thing, the only thing your pet, and my Molasses, can pass on, besides his few meager earthly effects, are my love and affection. And so, that I am willing to give as long as I also live on this side of that beautiful rainbow.

Please know that you all always put a sparkle in Molasses’ eye whenever your packages came in the mail, and his nose was high in the air for days sniffing the “fun fumes”, LOL. You helped him be a happy, pampered boy. We’ll stay in touch! Love and hugs to you, your new hubby, and the kitties and bunnies!


A beautiful story of two beloved cats written by a Cat Faeries customer

We so love people who love cats. And we love people who can tell a good tale probably as much as you do. We hope your heart is warmed, faith in humanity is restored, and that you give your cats a big hug and lots of kisses. Here’s Judy’s story about Casper and Marshmellow:

My Wonderful Cat Faerie,

On Wednesday, our Marshmellow passed away suddenly. We think it was a heart attack. The morning began as it always did. I petted him on the couch and cleaned the sleep from his eyes (Casper used to lick them clean but when he passed away, it became my job). Then I went into the kitchen to wash his bowls and make his breakfast while he went to the sliding glass doors that lead to our deck so he could watch the birds. That was his favorite thing to do. No sooner than I suds-up the bowls did I hear a terrible cry from Marshmellow. It sounded like the sound he made when a black stray cat would wander onto our deck.

Marshmellow was very protective of us and used to “fight” that cat through the glass doors. But it was daytime, the stray only lurked around at night. And the birds were outside singing. If they stray was there, I’m sure the birds would have flown away. I rushed to Marshmellow. He was laying on his side in obvious distress. His breathing was shallow. I ran to get my husband and the carrier so we could bring him to emergency. But as we were stroking him, before we could get him in the carrier, he took his last breath. Our only solace is that it happened quickly, in one of his favorite places, doing one of his favorite things…and, just like Casper, he wasn’t alone when he left us.

Thankfully, our daughter, Carrie, was sleeping out at her friend’s house. Marshmellow’s last moments are playing in a constant loop in my head. I am glad Carrie was spared these images. When she came home, Marshmellow was wrapped in his favorite blanket and looked like he was sleeping peacefully. Just as Casper was “mine,” Marshmellow was “hers..”

Carrie was the one who first found Marshmellow at North Shore Animal League. They put all the hard to place in the Purina Cat Haven, a colorful building that you see first before going into the main building with all the kittens. It is such a wonderful and happy place for these cats to live until they find their forever homes. The main room is filled with carpeted shelves, bay windows with seating, cat condos, scratching posts and toys. From that room, there is a kitty door that leads to a clinical looking room where the cats’ food is prepared, the cats get daily grooming, inspections, etc. That’s where Marshmellow and Casper were most of the time according to the staff. Even though the other room was far more interesting, they didn’t want to be with the other cats, only each other. Marshmellow and Casper almost blended in with the stark white walls of that room. I think that was the way they liked it. They were there for two years. Even though there were many wonderful kitties for us to choose from in the main room, Carrie was drawn to the clinical looking room. That’s where Marshmellow and Carrie first laid eyes on each other. It was love at first sight. Carrie petted Marshmellow while Casper watched a few steps away. When it seemed that Carrie was “OK,” Casper let her get a couple of pets in with him, too. Carrie came running back to the main room where Sam, my hubby, and I were.

Excitedly she said, “There are these two beautiful white cats. One is fat and friendly…” and at that moment Marshmellow came through the kitty door and stopped at her side, “and the other one is smaller and shy.” And that was when Casper stepped through the kitty door and kind of hung back there and watched his brother. Casper let me pet him. Both let out earth-shaking purrs. From that moment, they were our family.

Carrie is an only child. We had just moved to Long Island from Manhatten. She didn’t have too many friends out here yet and was terribly lonely. That’s why we went to North Shore Animal League that day. We intended to get two kitties so they’d keep each other company while Carrie was at school and Sam and I were at work. Marshmellow was Carrie’s confidant. She told him secrets. She cried to him. She laughed with him. She used him as a pillow (he LOVED it). Marshmellow helped her through a dark time in her life in a way that nobody else could. I’ll love him most for that.

The North Shore Animal League figured they were about 9 years old. Same age as Carrie. If that’s true, Casper was 14 when he passed in August. Marshmellow made it to 15. Indoor cats are supposed to live to 20, I hear. I feel like we were robbed. But we had seven great years together and that is a gift. I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it. They were happy here and if anyone deserved happiness in their lives, it was Marshmellow and Casper. Marshmellow was never the same after Casper passed. It was about 3-4 months until he stopped looking for him. Then he seemed resigned to being alone with us. He became a bit needier for affection and the loss of Casper created a bond between Marshmellow and me. He was happy…but never the same. It was a heart attack that took his last breath but I believe he really died of a broken heart.

Anyway, for years you have been a special part of our family. You helped us through a very trying time. Feliway brought harmony back to our home and your toys brought joy to The Fellas (that’s what we always called Casper and Marshmellow together). You know Casper’s favorite was the corn and he was holding it as we relieved him from his cancer. Marshmellow’s favorite was the fortune cookie (I always called it the wonton). We cast Marshmellow’s footprints in plaster, just as we did with Casper. While, Casper was cremated, we buried Marshmellow in our yard, wrapped in a favorite blanket, with his “wonton.” We put the bird feeder above his resting place so he can always watch the birds. It was his favorite.

Thank you for everything. We’ll get new, furry members of the family again…but not now. When we do, you’ll be sure to hear from us. Until then, I’ll remain a fan and recommend you to everybody!