Another customer shares a story – Fostering Shelter Kittens

I wasn’t looking for a foster kitten, but fate intervened. His intake date was my late brother’s birthday. Weighing a little over a pound he was the only surviving member of his litter. He had one blue and one green eye. Best of all – he came equipped with “auto-purr” (which was activated whenever I picked him up). Hurricane Felix was the second Hurricane of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season so it stood to reason that this kitten had to be a Purricane.

Purricane Felix – July 2007

Everyone has heard the dismal statistics on shelter euthanasia. What you don’t hear are the numbers of “unassisted deaths” due to disease. The cute little kittens who should be the most adoptable are also the most susceptible to parasites and upper respiratory infections. Poorly developed immune systems and the lack of body reserves ensure they are ill equipped to handle the stress of a shelter environment.

Fostering in a home environment:

  • Reduces stress
  • Decreases exposure to contagious diseases
  • Facilitates socialization
  • Saves lives

Purricane needed antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. He also needed to gain weight in order to be adoptable.

People who love cats but aren’t able or ready to commit to a fulltime pet can provide the extra care kittens need before they can find their forever homes through a shelter.

Of course, some people do fall in love with their fosters (and vice versa). =^..^=

Purricane Felix (aka “The Purr”) – 2009

Alison W. – Certified Veterinary Technician

Another customer shares the story of a very special cat

The Smartest (and Best Cat Ever!) I’ve ever known!

Meet Buster, a.k.a. Gus. Buster came to us as a grown-up, scruffy, overweight cat that regularly snorted with disdain at all those around them. He had been an only cat in his previous house and wasn’t at all certain that he cared for a home where there were other felines. Actually, at the time, there were five other cats in his personal space! But, after a short time, he decided that life with his very own couch and heated blankets was very good and with a terrific health plan, what more could he possibly want? Don’t forget the importance of regular health check-ups for the more mature cats in your house, including dental exams and cleanings.

Any question, especially soon after a meal, was always best answered with a nap. Naps are so important; however, whenever his favorite persons were home, it was always time for another meal and Buster was always at our feet with that very quizzical look.

With great sadness for all members of our family, we lost our funny, old cat several years back to old age. We always felt like he really chose us-we are so glad we adopt since the rewards are endless. It is still difficult to remember when we didn’t turn around and hear his bell throughout the house. Even a nap in all of his favorite spots couldn’t take the place of his very favorite person’s lap (my husband!) and we will always miss his very loud purr…

Tricia L.

Hernando, MS

Hurricane Sandy and Animals: some good news, and good advice.

(This information came from our customers on our Facebook page – keep checking there for more updates.)

If you recall during Hurricane Katrina animals were NOT allowed on buses or other means of evacuation, or in shelters – which was appalling. New York City is not letting that happen!

Our friend and long time customer Janea reports to us via Facebook:

“I was VERY glad to see this morning that in NYC evacuation laws, cab drivers are not allowed to refuse a fare if they have animals with them and shelters are not allowed to refuse people with animals (as long as they’re on leashes or in crates). It’s a city law.”

From another great person and customer, Judy C:

For those who are evacuating and have pets, below is a listing of pet-friendly hurricane evacuation shelters in the New York metropolitan area:

Nassau County

Nassau Community College – Mitchel Field (NSALA mobile unit(s) will be present)
Charles Lindbergh Boulevard
Uniondale, NY

Suffolk County

Brentwood Rec Center
99 Third Ave
Brentwood, NY 11771

Suffolk Community College Eastern Campus – Corchaug Building
121 Speok – Riverhead Road
Riverhead, NY 11901

NYC/Queens/Brooklyn/Staten Island/Bronx

Animals can be brought to any evacuation shelter that is located in a public school; animals can also be brought on public transportation during an evacuation.

ALL animals must have:
• proof of current vaccinations
• sturdy crate/carrier to keep animal in

All dogs must also have:

• sturdy leash
• current license
• proof of ownership
• bring muzzle (dogs)

Judy also gave us the link to The North Shore Animal League website which will keep us up to date on many aspects of animals and evacuations. These are the folks who go to the front lines whenever there is a disaster or emergency. What brave and loving people they are!

And from Baltimore, Maryland:

BARCS needs help tomorrow morning. The shelter is located in a high flood area right along the water in Baltimore City. They will be evacuating all 200+ animals starting at 7 AM tomorrow morning. They are taking the animals to 1st Mariner Arena. If you can help transport, if you can donate crates, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies, or if you can short term foster during the duration of the storm they can use your help (and can show them an evacuation plan). They need everyone there by 7 am Monday Morning. Please share and thank you!

BARCS is located at 301 Stockholm Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

What’s gray-blue and stinking cute? DAPHNE! Our newest family member.

If you read our newsletter regularly you’ll recall that our 18 year old Torti lost her brave battle and crossed The Rainbow Bridge early July. A month later we adopted a lovely tortoiseshell named Coco. But it turned out that Coco missed her foster mom as much as the foster mommie missed her. So, as believers in stories with happy endings and true love, we reunited Coco and Michele, and they are living happily ever after.

A few weeks later we met Daphne at San Francisco Animal Care and Control and knew she was the cat for us. She’s stunning blue gray cat with features like both a Russian Blue and a Chartruex. She has a tiny meow, that built in Chartreux smile, dense plushy fur, and bright green eyes. And the longest legs we’ve ever seen on a cat – we call them her Eiffel Tower Legs!

Daphne took to her new home right away. She had no interest in hiding out in a closet, at all! Within hours of arriving she found all of Betty’s old favorite spots and claimed than as hers.

There has been very little hissing between Daphne and Madeline thanks to Comfort Zone For Cats with Feliway! We have two diffusers running in every room and we spray prominent objects in the house daily for a smooth transition and that “Hi, I like you” vibe! They also get Multi Cat Household flower essence in the water bowl. They aren’t buddies, yet, but we know that in time they will be, and that they will rule Cat Faeries side by side.

Unbeknownst to anyone Daphne carries the Calicivirus. Five days after Daphne arrived at our house she broke out with the classic fiery red and angry looking oowie on her nose, and she had one lesion on her gum. Our house call vet, Dr. Brian Van Horn, raced over and swabbed her eyes, nose and mouth to test her for all the usual nasty things a cat could get. It was confirmed: calicivirus.

Instinctively we knew that she needed Colloidal Defense, and this was supported by our holistic vet, Dr. Cheryl Schwartz. One dropper of Colloidal Defense mixed into her food, twice a day, kicked the virus to the curb in about two and a half days! That scary looking red thing on her nose started to clear and heal immediately.

We’d been talking about adding this wonderful product to Cat Faeries offerings for several years, and with Daphne’s success story with it we sprang into action, and it’s now on our website.

Madeline has obviously been exposed to the calicivirus so Colloidal Defense will be a forever supplement for both cats.

Welcome Daphne!

Here I am! I see birds! Lot’s of pretty birds!

That’s me, Daphne, relaxing after a long, hard day of work at Cat Faeries. What’s my job? Ambassador of Cute!

Here’s Madeline inspecting fresh willow branches fresh from the farmer’s market. We give them to our bunnies to chew on.

Create a rain proof shelter for outside feral cats

Do you care for ferals or know of abandoned outside cats who would benefit from a safe and dry place to sleep? Using a storage bin, straw and Styrofoam building insulation, follow the photos and create a rain proof shelter for outside cats. Photos are by the Humane Society of Hobart, Indiana. Thank you Jenni for finding this!

Introducing Cat Faeries latest family member: Coco!

We found Coco on the wonderful and we are so glad we did! She’s a darling! And while they don’t know it yet, Cat Faeries CFO (Chief Feline Officer) Madeline Silver Belle and Coco will be best friends, ruling Cat Faeries with the touch of a paw or two!

In February Coco was found by the lovely Michelle who lives in San Jose and who feeds several cat colonies. One day at one of the colonies she saw a cat sitting on a fence, crying. She saw the new cat for 4 days. Because Coco’s ear was not tipped she knew that she was not feral, but had been dumped by some creep. Michelle took her home and named the elegant cat after Coco Chanel.

Fast forward to September 2012. We lost our beloved 18 year old Torti September 4th. And for the first time in countless years there was only one cat in the house! So the search began to open our door and hearts to another cat (or more?). Pet Finder is great fun for what we call Kitty Photo Dating! You can search for the species you are interested in and the breed.

She arrived yesterday and once she comes out of the closet we’ll take photos. For now, here are her Pet Finder pix.