Is that new kitten driving your older cats crazy?

Friend of Cat Faeries, Aldyth Beltane of All Creatures Healing Network in San Francisco places kittens in foster care until they are old enough or socialized enough for their forever home. Recently we talked about how those rambunctious kittens can drive older cats to a meltdown.

What to do?

Multi Cat Household to the rescue! It’s all about acceptance, tolerance (oh boy, you can say that again), giving space when it’s needed, not feeling your space is encroached upon, feeling that family bond, and chilling out from just about anything which annoys the modern housecat.

The other thing you can do is install as many Comfort Zone with Feliway diffusers as budget permits. The feline delighting pheromone spreads calm and friendship throughout the house as well as buys you insurance that someone won’t start peeing outside of the box.

Happy Spring! And hey: spay, neuter! Aldyth tells us that every year, it’s the same thing… far too many kittens are being born with few homes ready or able to take them and love them. Come on! Spay! Neuter! Donate to your shelter so they can help pay for spray/neuter for people who can’t afford it. Let’s solve this problem!

PS – you can tire out kittens with our cat toys and allow those older cats do get their beauty rest in peace!

A customer welcomes two new cats after Hurricane Sandy!

Do you recall reading the wonderful story from our customer Judy about her cats Casper and Marshmellow ? If you missed it, read it here –

Judy writes to us again about surviving the storm and opening up their home and hearts to two shelter cats. Here’s the story:

My Cat Faerie,

Our family is embarrassingly well through Superstorm Sandy. Many of my friends and neighbors didn’t. We’re pulling together as a community, helping in whatever ways we can. It is gratifying but can be quite depressing. Since Georgie Girl went home to her family when they came back from the Galapagos a week prior to the storm, we realized how empty our home was without kitties. The aftermath of Sandy only made it more dreary. So, we decided to go to our town animal shelter and see if they had anyone who wanted to join our (I am a firm believer that kitties choose us, not the other way around).

Right away, Simon (his name was Raffe at the time but we didn’t like it) picked my hubby. His paw reached out from between the bars, tapping Sam. Karen said that she was hoping that we’d find an orange kitty to join us. I told her not to go in there with prefromed ideas and to be open to everyone at the shelter…but there was Simon, a redhead reaching out to us as we walked in. He is about 3 years old (they think) and was there since April. He had a tag “SCC” on his cage. I didn’t ask what it meant. The animal shelter is a low-kill shelter and I know that places like this often use codes for the animals that are there regarding how much time they have left to get a family. When we expressed an interest in Simon, the staff told us that SCC meant he was due to go to Suffolk Community College on Monday. They have a veteranary program there and he would be used in the phlebotemy class, a life of having students practice extracting blood on him. I asked if we could have him instead. She asked a supervisor and said “OF COURSE!” and the only reason why he was being sent there was because his whole 6 months there, nobody even looked at him, let alone expressed that they wanted to take him home. This was a way of sparing his life. Sometimes the students take a liking to the kitties and wind up adopting them from there. He would have a much more stable and happy life with us.

Karen had her heart set on getting a kitten, too. I was ambivelent about that because kittens get adopted so much sooner than older cats. But, this was something she felt very strong about, raising a kitty from baby to senior citizen. Then I saw how many kittens were at the shelter waiting for forever homes and I felt better about a kitten joining us, too. None of the kittens are given the luxury of names. She was “9 w/o female b/w tiger.” She and Karen fell in love instantly and her name is now Pepper. Before we left the shelter, we placed Pepper in the cage with Simon to see how they got along. It wasn’t love at first sight, but they seemed to like one another.

Today is a week since Simon and Pepper joined our family. With the exception of one diarhea incident, Pepper has adapted vey well to her new home. She is a bouncy, curious little kitten. Pepper has in INCREDIBLE appetite and she is very attached to Karen so we are convinced that at least a part of Marshmellow’s soul in inside her. Simon is still a bit cautious. He has a favorite hiding spot in the living room and comes out with less and less coaxing. He even comes out on his own more and more. He is only letting me get a couple of brush strokes in at a time on him before he retreats and I am terrified to clip his nails (but i need to get to them very soon for his own safety) but I’m confident he’ll come around. I think he might have a piece of my precious Casper in him, too.

All Pepper wants to do is follow Simon around. She is literally up his butt at times. He is never angry or annoyed but I think he is a little spooked by her enthusiasm at times. I saw Simon cleaning Pepper a few times and Karen got a picture of both of them cuddling in Simon’s “safe place.” In the early morning and at night they chase eachother around and at times do this odd and adorable leap-frog type thing.

I am very bittersweet about these new additions. I love them. Simon and Pepper are family. But since they joined our home, my heart has been aching more than it has in recent times for Casper and Marshmellow. I pray to their souls that I hope they understand that they are not being replaced by these two. I know they do. I know that they are happy that just like we did for them, we saved these two kitties from life in the shelter (or worse) and gave them a good loving home. It just still hurts not having them around.

I’ll be placing an order with you for more Feliway spray and difuser refills soon. Casper and Marshmellow were declawed. Simon and Pepper are not. Clipping Casper and Marshmellow’s back claws were not an issue to clip because they were so mellow. Between having to contend with front claws now, Pepper being so naturally wiggly and Simon being so naturally frightened, I will need your recommendation on a good, safe set of clippers.

Thank you for always being a good friend and a great Cat Faerie. Talk to you soon.


(and Simon and Pepper…and Sam, and Karen, too)

Freshen up carpet and furniture for the holidays – Anti Icky Poo to the rescue!

Are you just a little worried that holiday guests will detect that “accident” Kitty had awhile back? Or perhaps keeping windows closed for winter has your home smelling a bit like a kennel or musty? You don’t want your friends talking about your home behind your back. So head ‘em off at the pass, and de-stink a multitude of sins with Anti Icky Poo, the urine cleaner that really works.

A few light mistings of Anti Icky Poo twice a day for a few days will do the trick! Invite everyone over for holiday cheer and feel completely secure in knowing that your home only smells of your good cooking!

What’s gray-blue and stinking cute? DAPHNE! Our newest family member.

If you read our newsletter regularly you’ll recall that our 18 year old Torti lost her brave battle and crossed The Rainbow Bridge early July. A month later we adopted a lovely tortoiseshell named Coco. But it turned out that Coco missed her foster mom as much as the foster mommie missed her. So, as believers in stories with happy endings and true love, we reunited Coco and Michele, and they are living happily ever after.

A few weeks later we met Daphne at San Francisco Animal Care and Control and knew she was the cat for us. She’s stunning blue gray cat with features like both a Russian Blue and a Chartruex. She has a tiny meow, that built in Chartreux smile, dense plushy fur, and bright green eyes. And the longest legs we’ve ever seen on a cat – we call them her Eiffel Tower Legs!

Daphne took to her new home right away. She had no interest in hiding out in a closet, at all! Within hours of arriving she found all of Betty’s old favorite spots and claimed than as hers.

There has been very little hissing between Daphne and Madeline thanks to Comfort Zone For Cats with Feliway! We have two diffusers running in every room and we spray prominent objects in the house daily for a smooth transition and that “Hi, I like you” vibe! They also get Multi Cat Household flower essence in the water bowl. They aren’t buddies, yet, but we know that in time they will be, and that they will rule Cat Faeries side by side.

Unbeknownst to anyone Daphne carries the Calicivirus. Five days after Daphne arrived at our house she broke out with the classic fiery red and angry looking oowie on her nose, and she had one lesion on her gum. Our house call vet, Dr. Brian Van Horn, raced over and swabbed her eyes, nose and mouth to test her for all the usual nasty things a cat could get. It was confirmed: calicivirus.

Instinctively we knew that she needed Colloidal Defense, and this was supported by our holistic vet, Dr. Cheryl Schwartz. One dropper of Colloidal Defense mixed into her food, twice a day, kicked the virus to the curb in about two and a half days! That scary looking red thing on her nose started to clear and heal immediately.

We’d been talking about adding this wonderful product to Cat Faeries offerings for several years, and with Daphne’s success story with it we sprang into action, and it’s now on our website.

Madeline has obviously been exposed to the calicivirus so Colloidal Defense will be a forever supplement for both cats.

Welcome Daphne!

Here I am! I see birds! Lot’s of pretty birds!

That’s me, Daphne, relaxing after a long, hard day of work at Cat Faeries. What’s my job? Ambassador of Cute!

Here’s Madeline inspecting fresh willow branches fresh from the farmer’s market. We give them to our bunnies to chew on.

Is your cat staring at a heater grate or urinating on or near it? We may know why!

It’s beginning to get chilly outside in some parts of the country. And when it’s cold outside mice want to come into our houses for warmth. So if your cat is suddenly staring at the heater grates or have even peed on it, mice who use the ducts as a highway could be the cause!

Anti Icky Poo cleaner is safe to use near or on a heater. And it will get rid of the urine and the urine smell. Just shut off the heater before you apply it.

Don’t use Feliway spray near the heater vent as it is flammable. Instead place a diffuser nearby. If there isn’t an electrical outlet there, use an extension cord and put a pea sized piece of Museum Wax under the pheromone bottle and attach it to the floor or a table.

Our favorite litter box isn’t a litter box!

We wrote about this a few years ago. The other day a customer wrote to say that her cat sprays urine while in the litter box. We decided it was time to resurrect the photo of what we use for litter boxes.

When our cats started getting really old and unable to squat to urinate their pee would fly over the walls of standard pet shop litter boxes. So we bought two plastic storage boxes and cut out an opening (you can cut the opening low for cats with poor mobility as we did here or higher for younger cats). The sides are very high which prevents urine from hitting the floor. And the box’s depth is great, the cat get step inside, easily turn around and get in a good position to do their business.

The high sides are also great for cats who like to dig their way to China and who scatter litter everywhere.

These storage boxes will save your walls, floors, and your sanity!