Anti Icky Poo – not just for cat urine odor, for deodorizing clothes too

Anti Icky Poo urine cleaner from

The other day Mr. Cat Faerie found one of his favorite shirts at the bottom of a pile of damp dish towels. The shirt was quite icky smelling to say the least! Plus, it stayed icky smelling despite repeated washings? What to do?

Anti Icky Poo and its odor eating enzymes to the rescue! He filled a pot with water and about a third of a cup of unscented Anti Icky Poo and let the shirt soak 24 hours. Then it went into the washer with the usual Seventh Generation unscented clothes soap. The shirt now smells like freshly cleaned laundry rather than ick! Thank you Anti Icky Poo and your odor eating enzymes!

If you still have some Anti Icky Poo left over pour it down the kitchen drain and leave it for at least an hour, then turn on the hot water. It will gobble up soap scum and grease!

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