A Kitty Admires Their Self Portrait

A kitty admires their self portrait…

A Kitty Admires Their Self Portrait

A sweet picture of a cat – the flowers almost look like more cat faces!

And here’s a sweet picture. At first glance the flowers almost look like more cat faces!

Cat sitting in a cherry blossom tree

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Attention make-up wearing ladies! Does YOUR lipstick contain lead? Mine did!

At one time I told everyone – “Use NARS lipstick, it’s gluten free!” Wheat gluten is nasty stuff and your cat faerie avoids it.

Then I heard about the articles circulating the internet about lead in lipstick. Being obsessed with this sort of thing I spent an hour hunting for an article which didn’t just sound the alarm but which told us which lipsticks are the worst offenders. And darn it to pieces if my NARS wasn’t at the top of the list! Goodness, I’ve probably eaten a massive amount of it over the years!

Here’s the best article I could find: http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2013/05/study-lead-metals-lipstick-top-20

Once the initial shock wore off I marched back to where I bought my NARS with a copy of the article and the unused lipsticks and got my money back.

And not being one to just warn you and leave you without an option I want to pass along what I’ve switched to:

My favorite make up line is RMS Beauty. It’s everything this girl could want: it’s soy free, gluten free, worn by fussy fashion models, and it’s the purest I have found. I’m head over heels with: Lip2Cheek, Un Cover-up, Un-powder, the cream eye shadows, the illuminizer. I’m loopy for all of it! What you’ll notice is that founder Rose-Marie Swift believes in a “human palette.” No bright green eye shadows or black lipstick here!


If you know of a makeup line this good let us know and we’ll post it. Since a good majority of our customers are women, and who can resist wearing even a tiny bit of make-up, we pass this on to you because we want your pretty self to stay healthy!

“I found some unopened and expired Comfort Zone with Feliway refill bottles, are they still good?”

Recently we got an email from a long time favorite customer who wrote to say that shortly after her beloved cat Puck died she went going through his things and found a few Comfort Zone with Feliway refill bottles for her diffuser. She told us that they had expired two years ago and wondered if she gave them to a friend if they would still work. She also asked us if there was any way expired bottles could be harmful.

Very good questions and we love these! The expired diffuser refill bottles will not be harmful. And because she had never taken them out of the box or removed the cap they will still work – but they won’t be as strong. In the name of being thrifty and being generous they’ll be of benefit to her friend’s cats.

To customer B.F., we are so very saddened to hear of your loss of Puck, we know how dear he was to you. We are pleased that his things will help other cats.

Anti Icky Poo – not just for cat urine odor, for deodorizing clothes too

Anti Icky Poo urine cleaner from CatFaeries.com

The other day Mr. Cat Faerie found one of his favorite shirts at the bottom of a pile of damp dish towels. The shirt was quite icky smelling to say the least! Plus, it stayed icky smelling despite repeated washings? What to do?

Anti Icky Poo and its odor eating enzymes to the rescue! He filled a pot with water and about a third of a cup of unscented Anti Icky Poo and let the shirt soak 24 hours. Then it went into the washer with the usual Seventh Generation unscented clothes soap. The shirt now smells like freshly cleaned laundry rather than ick! Thank you Anti Icky Poo and your odor eating enzymes!

If you still have some Anti Icky Poo left over pour it down the kitchen drain and leave it for at least an hour, then turn on the hot water. It will gobble up soap scum and grease!

A Kitty and Their Self Portrait in a Window

A kitty admires their self portrait…

A cat and a cat face on a window