Our Daphne is All Legs!

You can see our Daphne napping near Mr Cat Faerie’s desk. Notice how long her legs are! I call her legs Eiffel Towers! Her tail is long too. Have you ever had a cat with exceptionally long legs? Daphne leaps and jumps like a gazelle!

Our Daphne is All Legs

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The Cat Traps Are Working

Wondering… how is it that cats know boxes are safe, yet that carriers which have the same shape but have a handle mean one thing: The Veterinarian!

The Cat Traps Are Working

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Queen Bee the Tortie Cat in a Box

This is from Kate. Her gorgeous tortie, Queen Bee, loves her boxes… We love that face!

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Meatball the Cat is a “Cuddly Mush”

This is from Teri. Her cat “meatball” says: “I am a cuddly mush….” We agree, we want to bury our faces in his tummy!

Meatball the cat

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Some cat humor – Domino was raised by penguins…

This goodie was found by Tara! Don’t you love the tail?! It’s so cute! Thank you Tara! Love you!

A sunset and a contemplative cat

A sunset and a contemplative cat, just lovely.

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