Catnip As-Purr-Agus toys are back in stock!

The wondrously long and slender Catnip As-Purr-Agus toys are back in stock! And they are cuter than ever – new fabric for the asparagus stalk! Your bunny kicking cat will be delighted! They’re at

The vet can’t find me now!

“The vet can’t find me now!” Has your cat ever found the perfect hiding place in your vet’s exam room?

Kim Kardashian Kisses Kitty

Will Kim Kardashian be changing her name to Kat Kardashian? Boyfriend Kanye West gave her a darling white blue eyed Persian kitten because she’s always wanted one. In this photo from an Instagram post by Kim, she kisses kitty who looks like she’d rather be playing with her toys!

A Very Cute Kitten In A Top Hat

Nifty kitty in a top hat! Looks like kitty is at the seashore with a fisherman nearby. Perhaps the kitten will do a soft-shoe to attract the fish!