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About Comfort Zone with Feliway for Cats

Feliway is a pheromone product for cats which in most cases will stop a cat from urinating outside the box, or from spraying urine. It has had some success with keeping cats from "vertical" scratching (it needs to be applied twice daily). The name brand name Feliway specifically describes the type of pheromone which cats produce in their cheeks. This pheromone is known to be a friendly pheromone, as opposed to the territory marking pheromones that cling to feline urine and feces.

It was discovered that cats do not rub their cheeks on or around their litter boxes. So the theory is that if we apply the friendly pheromone on top of or near the aggressive pheromone, which is usually in the form of a puddle of urine the cat left outside of the litter box, it sends the cat this message "I shouldn't pee here anymore.

Available in a spray and as a diffuser. Refill bottles for the diffusers are also available.

It's natural. It's logical. It's kind and compassionate to all cats. It works!

Feliway works in a natural and gentle way by using a cat's sense of smell to send a message which will in most cases correct the problem of cats urinating outside of their litter boxes. It also used when cats spray urine on vertical surfaces. And in many cases it has stopped cats from pooping outside of their litter boxes. Feliway spray has had some success in stopping cats from vertical scratching of furniture.

Since it came on the market in 1997 Feliway has received praise from Veterinarians, behaviorists, and most important - from the people just like you who care for and love cats and who have used and loved the products. It's truly The Solution and Miracle In A Bottle when it comes to solving this annoying problem.

Until Feliway came out we didn't really have anything that really worked to stop cats from soiling outside the box. We cat lovers know all to well that cats don't generally respond to behavior modification, scolding, and drugs. Nor do they respond to that primitive, barbaric, and completely useless technique of "rubbing the cat's nose in it."

Cats everywhere thank their lucky stars that Feliway can be shipped to their homes. Now cats can relax and stop using their urine as a weapon or a means to communicate unhappiness. Remember, cats just want to be loved.

In the US Feliway is sold in animal supply stores under the name Comfort Zone with Feliway. For veterinarians its sold under the name Feliway. There is no difference between the two, they are exactly the same.

When you buy Feliway from us you'll get our tips and advice in the form of a handout. We know how to get Feliway to work the best, just for you.

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See how Comfort Zone with Feliway can get kitty back in the litter box.

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Juno, a Seattle calico, was caught on video by her mother/maid/videographer letting her new Cat Faeries catnip corn cob know who the boss is!
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Cats produce pheromones in three parts of their bodies. The pheromones from their cheeks give the friendly message of "Hi there, I like you, I'm happy." The pheromones that come out with their urine and feces are very different and tell other cats "Hey buddy, this is my territory."

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Cat Faeries gives you our very own tips and guidance for product usage with every order so you'll get the most benefit from your purchases! Its like getting your own purrsonal cat behaviorist in the mail! That's yet another reason why shopping with Cat Faeries makes good sense! We update our thoughts and ideas every month or so. Keeping ordering, and keep up with our latest tips! We want you to spend your hard earned money wisely and effectively.

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