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About Feliway

Cat Faeries once carried Comfort Zone with Feliway but we came to question the ethics of that product and Central Garden and Pet so we discontinued it in Spring 2018 electing to sell and endorse only Feliway from CEVA France.

Feliway is a pheromone product for cats which in most cases will stop a cat from urinating outside the box or from spraying urine. It has had some success with keeping cats from "vertical" scratching if it's used twice daily. The brand name Feliway specifically describes the type of pheromone which cats produce in their cheeks. This pheromone is known to be a friendly pheromone, as opposed to the territory marking pheromones that produce in their back end and which cling to feline urine and feces.

It was discovered that cats do not rub their cheeks on or around their litter boxes where the natural pheromones are deposited. So the theory is that if we apply the friendly pheromone on top of or near the aggressive pheromone, which is usually in the form of a puddle of urine the cat left outside of the litter box, it sends the cat this message "I shouldn't pee here anymore.

Cat Faeries has worked with and sold Feliway ever since it came on the market in 1997. Not many others can say this!

When you buy behavior or health products from Cat Faeries, including Feliway, you'll get our tips and advice in the form of a handout. We know how to get every product to work the best for you.

Available in a spray and as a diffuser. Refill bottles for the diffusers are also available.

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