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CD - Mood Music for Cats (and cat lovers): A Ball of Twine


Composed and performed by Cheryl Christine

Eight wonderful original songs:

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some of the pretty music

  1. Tuna Sonata
  2. Vet Visit Blues
  3. Tail Swishin'
  4. Hiding Out
  5. The Hairball Blues
  6. Catatonia
  7. A Ball of Twine
  8. Under the Bed

Thank you, thank you, thank you for having such great prices and wonderful stuff. My cats love your CD, I play it every morning to keep everybody calm while I'm getting all the breakfasts ready. If you do another CD, we'll be first in line to get that one, too!

June 2010

I have a cat who was a rescue and she is timid. I dogsit my catsitter's two dogs sometimes, and it stresses my cat out, and she would hide in the bedroom. I played just the little tiny clip of the cat music and she went prrt! and came out with her tail up and calmly claimed her own own place in the living room with me AND with the dogs, with no hissing. I kept replaying the clip. It was phenomenal. I'm buying that music!

September 2008


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